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Decent Foam Rollers in the UK?


Anyone know where I can order a firm, hard-wearing foam roller from in the UK? I ordered one off Amazon that I wrecked in about a month.


Fuck foam.

I started using a piece of PVC pipe. I think 2 1/2". Can't remember wear I got the idea, but it works great and never wears out. It's also cheap, and easy to get different sizes depending on what your looking for.





theres a shitload of leftover building supplies left near where I work-went over with a saw and cut off a piece of 10cm diameter pipe. works great and cost nothing!



pipes the way to go. Lowes here in the US has sections of 3" and 4" about 2 1/2' long, for less than $5.


Bigger places (like B&Q, Homebase and that), often won't sell a piece of PVC by the foot, they'll just sell you a massive one, so go to a trade builders yard or a building site and ask someone there. I switched to PVC about 6 months ago, and the only issues I have is I can't roll the front of my shins. Go with PVC.


THanks for the help, guys. I hadn't heard about using a PVC pipe before. I might have to check this out.