Decent Fish Oil in the UK?

I’ve been hunting around trying to find a good name or two of Fish Oil liquid or capsules that I could buy here in the UK; could anyone this side recommend? Bit lost at the moment, I’ve been ploughing through Article posts on the site but battling to match up the data I’m reading with choices available online. NOW seemed like an okay brand but I’m not so sure anymore, and there are a good few that are way out of my price range.

I used to get mine in Holland and Barret when I lived there. Boots also sells them as do most supermarkets.

can’t remember the brand names but there were good ones available.

I bought 30 bottles of Flameout last year. Cost about £22 each when the exhange rate was good. (including shipping tax etc…)

Fair enough ^^ I thought I was getting an OK price in H&B but am pretty sure I was paying about 3 times what you have listed.

What is the fridge and the freazer test? I feel I am missing out.

Holland and Barrett = Bollocks!


This is great info, thanks folks! Those SimplySupplements tablets look like the ones for me, ten quid for 360 seems like a darn good price.

Thanks again!

This is great info!

I’m going for the Simply Supplements order; that seems like a damn good price to me for 360 tablets, some good stuff in there as well.

Thanks folks!!

I buy the boots ones when they have special offers on. but yes, i should buy them online.

Cut them open, if they smell fishy they’ve gone rancid. Have bought H&B before when they were a 1/3 of normal price.

Obviously the smell test makes no account of any heavy metal filtering.

I buy mine from the same company as reflex.

  • Pharmaceutical grade
  • 210mg EPA
  • 150mg DHA
  • £7.98 for 180 caps
  • no fish burps either

Great, thanks! I’ll try these as well once i’ve gotten through the SimplySupplements stash.

The trick is looking for the amounts of EPA & DHA relative to the size of the fish oil capsule.

Example, standard Holland and Barrett fish oil is:

1200mg capsules, that contain -
EPA: 216mg
DHA: 144mg.

Which is utter shit.

Flameout is:

1157mg capsules, that contain -
EPA: 220mg
DHA: 550mg

So as you can see, the concentration is much higher, making it a much higher quality product.

But don’t rule out Holland and Barrett completely, I was browsing around and found these:

“Omega 3 Supreme, Highly concentrated, Fish oil, 1360mg”

They cost about £11 if I remember correctly

1360mg sized capsules.
EPA: 544mg
DHA: 408mg

So as you can see, they are very highly concentrated too, even compared to Flameout, they have double the EPA.

You can feel a noticable difference taking them too.

So thats what I recommend. If you have the cash I’d recommend getting the Carlson’s Fish oil in a bottle.

cheers, was looking for the same thing does the DHA:EPA ratio matter, how much DHA and EPA is everyone aiming for a day?