Decent Bodybuilding Program for the Summer?

Hello. I am mainly a powerlifter (bench, squat, DL, OH press, etc., with other assistance moves). I almost exclusively use the barbell, although I do have some dumbbells and bands at home.

Now that the weather is finally getting nicer in the northeast, I wanted to take a little break from the big, heavy barbell movements (although I am not opposed to them), and wanted to do more of a bodybuilding program for the next three or four months. At home I have access to a powerrack and barbells (and some dumbbells, as noted), and I have access to a commercial gym with all of the typical machines.

Given the nice summer weather, I tend to focus on my golf and the outdoors during the summer, and don’t want to spend hours and hours each day in the gym (or the basement gym).

Can you please recommend a good program that might suit my needs? Ideally there would be some sort of spreadsheet where I can input the weights lifted and track my progress, rather than just a list of exercises to do. Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks

If you’re cool with training 3-4x per week and aren’t afraid to do shit that’s painful (non-injury inducing), I’d recommend Fortitude Training by Dr. Scott Stevenson. It’s intended for advanced lifters, meaning that you are pushing yourself to technical failure often and relying on you knowing when your form breaks down to know when to stop.

DoggCrapp training by Dante Trudel is pretty solid too. Too infrequent for my taste but DC training and Fortitude are very similar in methodology.

Birds of a feather lift together, or something


Always my recommendation:


Like it says on the tin…

this time efficient/good change of pace also…

Well, I originally headed the HIT way of lifting when in lack of time for the gym. Been doing HIT routines twice weekly for 3 years now. It works appearantly. Even Brad Schoenfeld states that HIT works, though research may prove more volume is “optimal” choice.

I would go for the Ellington Darden regular 30-10-30 full body routine 1-2 times a week. If you are not used to this, you will most likely see a response. Don’t mind the sensational presentation in this link, the program is good nevertheless.

Fortitude Training also works twice weekly, heavily tweaked - But there is a great deal of planning in order to make it happen, and may also require a full setup of proper gym equipment.