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December Meets in NC?

I’m looking to compete in my first powerlifting meet at the end of the year. Does anyone know of any meets taking place this December in or around NC?

12.8.2012 IBP 3rd Annual Carolina Christmas Classic (Push Pull/BP/DL) (Greenville, SC), Keith Payne, 336.251.8704, keith@ironboypowerlifting.net

(dependong on where you are, this is far)
12.8.2012 100% RAW Virginia State and Christmas Classic Single Lifts (BP/DL/Strict Curl) (Zion Crossroads, VA) at Best Western, John Shifflett, valifting@aol.com, 186 Happy Hollow Rd., Ruckersville, VA 22968, www.virginiapowerlifting.blogspot.com

(This is definitely far for you)
1.19-20.2013 AAU World Powerlifting and International Single Lift BP/DL/PP (Richmond, VA) at the Holiday Inn, Judy Wood, 804.559.4624, vapowerlifting@aol.com

I may have missed some… Check here: http://www.powerliftingusa.com/coming_events.php