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December Bulk Advice

Hi guys.

Planning ahead for my December bulk. I am still on course and coming off in 4 weeks.
This cycle turned out to be abit of a nightmare unfortunately with me gaining not that much.

December was planned to be my cut.

OK onto the cycle.
I was initially planning to do test + tren + winny for the cut.

Can I still run these compounds to bulk excluding winny and a dbol kick start.

Test Cyp 750mg 1 - 12wk
Tren E 200mg 1 - 10wk
Dbol 30mg 1 - 4wk

Pct nolva, hcg.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I think it’s better then using tren for a cut.

Iv expresed my opinion on other threads and I just can’t see the purpose of using tren for a cut why use one the most powerful drugs you have available to build muscle to cut with?

Anyways cycle looks fine hcg isn’t a drug you run during pct.

Also keep any eye on your Estrogen levels even tho the tren dose is small elevated E2 can lead to prolactin problems when used with any amount of tren

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Hey Zeek

Yes hcg will be just before start of pct.
Should I add in arimidex?

Why did this cycle go wrong? What can you learn from this experience that you will use in December to see better results? Those questions are far more important than what drugs to use.

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You need to use something to control the estrogen with that test dose and using tren. Or use caber and bottom your prolactin.

There is also the belief that many nasty tren sides come from elevated estrogen.

Is this your first tren run? Do as much research as you can between now and then.

Hey Iron
Actually it seems to start off fine but I started realisting I was getting alot of pimples. After dbol was over my gains stopped and started to drop even. Turns out the test I bought was bunk. This now was about week 6/7.
I managed to get other test and changed from test e to cyp.
A week in I got pancreatitis which was another 2 weeks down the tube.
So in total it was a wasted 10weeks. Last 4 weeks left now.

All I can do is keep going and plan for the next one.

Yes it will be my first. That’s why I am trying to get everything in order this far in advance. I have read up on the sides. I will add in arimidex at 0.25 per day.

That might be a bit much maybe not tho it might be perfect for you.

That much adex would crash me even if I was running 2 grams of test. But iv seen others who are fine on that dose I don’t aromoatize very much (what I mean is I don’t get noticeable effects from high estrogen) and I’m also very responsive to AIs so I’m probably a bit different then most but if you know that’s a good dose for you then that should work m

swap that 19 nor out for the other 19 nor

Bro just on a side note I know you had mentioned on another thread about giving your girl anavar. This right here is one of many reasons not to if your running into bunk testosterone God only knows what was in the anavar that guy had.

I know you got a new source now but still iv seen some of the best vetted sources have some wacky var.

This ofcourse is just one of many reasons

if I was you id cut still in December…that’s what im gonna do, then im gonna lean bulk during the summer. theres a lot of debate in the lean bulking topic but what I mean is ill use dry bulking shit like eq and tbol while im already leaned up from the December cut. that way my muscles are happy and full and dry and even at the end of that cycle im adding in winstrol…. that’s a great idea for you…not the cheapest tho……eq and tbol add up on top of the test and winstrol, and then adex and proviron……lol its about 600 without pct.

This isn’t directed towards you but this triggered a small rant from me.

I see so many people using the term bulk and cut and they use bulk like they are gonna put on 20 lbs in 3 months then they say cut in the sense that they need to loose 30lbs by using cutting steroids.

Y’all realize this isn’t what a “cut cycle” really means right? This isn’t what “cutting steroids” were intended for. Anavar, winstrol, masteron, proviron and other cutting steroids weren’t intended for the person who is 30lbs over weight from a dirty bulk.

A “cut cycle” or also commonly referred to as a pre contest cycle is a combination of “cutting” steroids used to give a desired look, to dry you out and make you vascular and maybe shed off those few pounds of stubborn fat you have around your lower abs and bring out striations.

If you need to lose 20+lbs on a cut you have no business bulking to begin with and if you bulk to the point where you need to lose 20lbs of fat afterwards your not bulking right. A successful bulk for someone who has a good base and has been lifting (aka the only people who should be using steroids) is 5-8 lbs of muscle if you put that on in 3 months you did a great job when I see people say I gained 25lbs of muscle on my cycle I laugh no you gained a shit load of fat that is making the muscle you gained look bigger.

Its ridiculous when people need to follow up bulks with these 1500 calorie cuts filled with steroids because you were either too fat to begin with and shouldn’t have bulked or you think you need to eat 6000 calories and 2 pints of Ben and Jerry’s on your bulk because gainzzz.


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were on the same page bro that’s why I was defining, well kinda, what I meant when I use lean bulk…but yeah your always on your A game here zeek.

Tnation should make a new forum “Pharma Newbies with Zeek”

I would pay for the privilege to see that…id drink beer and watch that show lol

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I’ve never had to use an ai before so this would be the first on arimidex. Maybe I’m similar to you. Would caber be a better option? Or eod arimidex?

Yes she’s actually decided on ostarine as it seems alot better so we looking closer into that for now. But on that I did tell her anavar has high chances of being fake so we were going to try and get legit anavar.

Hey Shortstopsss

Yes I would say I’m always on a lean bulk. My diet is 80/90% clean. Which we know is really the most important thing. The rest is usually when I go out but is still try to eat careful but more lenient on a bulk.
Last I checked I was 10% bf right now I’m probably about 12%.

I have found that my body gets along better with aromasin. I ran some at the beggining of my tren cycle and haven’t had to use it sense I’m also running a trt dose of test alongside the tren of I was using 750mg/week I would use it regularly.

You should really just get her to the doctors and tested if you believe she has a true genetic disease causing muscle wasting or anything of the sort but regardless I wish yall the best of luck with that!

Yeah will add in the arimidex. Not sure if I can get aromasin.
With my gf I told her the same initially but shes currently unemployed. So no medical aid. We will definitely get her the proper advise. She’s just very self conscious and the “beauty queen” type so either I help her or she does whatever she wants.

So can I safely say:

Test c 750mg 1-12
Tren e 200mg 1-10
Dbol 30mg Ed 1-4
Arimidex 0.25mg eod
Hcg 500iu eod 10 days before start of pct.

Pct: Nolva 40/40/20/20

Please any other advise will help.

Looks solid have something in hand for prolactin in case it gets out of hand. I doubt it will with that tren dose and controlling estrogen but everyone is different and it’s good to have just in case