December 1st

Thats it. I’m sick of being the fat guy, I’m sick and tired of people “oh you go to the gym, well it don’t look like it!” trying to be funny " well can’t you tell you silly fuck? from my 24 inch claves and a 52 inch chest? "no?
i’ll post pics when i get my camera working.

I’m giving myself till december 1st which is 3 months so i’d estimate at 365lbs i would lose 10- 20 lbs per month, i want to hit 275lbs. Me posting this here makes me accountable so that if i don’t reach my goal or i do nothing towards it you can call me a lying fuck.

Back Shot

Current Stats
Weight : 365lbs
BF :25%
My best Raw lifts. (wraps and belt)
Squat: 225kg (495lbs)
Dead: 255kg (561lbs)
Bench: 175kg (385lbs)
Best total achieved (equipped) :1441lbs(655kg)
OHP: 120kg (264lbs)
Front Squat: 135kg (297lbs)