Deceiver's Powerlifting Log

Lifting experience: 7 years
Bodyweight: 73kg
Best lifts:
Squat (low bar, IPF rules) 180kg (competition)
Bench 140kg (gym) 130kg (competition, never tried anything between 130kg and 140kg)
Deadlift 210kg (sumo, competition under IPF rules) 220kg (classic, unofficial, red lighted since grip gave up when I was putting it down)

Throughout the years I have tried many approaches towards training but lately I realised that for me, frequency is the key to progress. So currently I squat 4 times per week (2 times low bar with belt, 1 time low bar no belt, 1 time high volume front squat no belt), deadlift 2 times per week and bench 2 times per week. The only reason why I don’t bench press more often is because I military press once per week fairly heavy to balance my triceps/chest strength with my shoulder strength.

Currently I train in Crossfit gym thanks to the its owners who allowed me and group of my friends to do our own, non-crossfit, workouts there. I live in Poland, Cracow and unfortunatelly there are no better powerlifting-suited gyms in my area. I am moving to Bellevue, USA in late October though, which is one of main reasons why I decided to move from our local Polish board to T-Nation.

Some photos:

low bar squat 145kg/3,3,3,3,3
bench press 110kg/3,3,3,3,3
power clean 50kg/5,5,5,5 - I go light on this one because my form tends to break and it isn’t really important exercise for me
good morning - played around with this exercise with really low weights, it drives me crazy because some time ago I started loosing arch in the back no matter what I did. I am still trying to find form which would allow me to keep my lower back tight and go deep enough.
chin ups +0/5 +16/5 +20/3 - shitty day, I did +24/5 few days ago.

I will post videos later.