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Does anyone have any experience with this product? A buddy of mine uses it and is impressed. He says his recovery time is dramatically shortened and he's seen strength increases. I have seen a change in his physique over the last couple of months.

Comments? Thank you.


I know nothing about this sort of thing, but one of the trainers at my gym seemed really interested when he saw their ad in some bodybuilding mag. As usual, I'm now curious myself.


As someone with 20+ years of lifting experience, I would be skeptical of such claims. Ever hear of Boron, Gamma Oryzanol (sp?), Vanadyl Sulfate, OKG, HMB, etc? I remember trying all of those in my younger days as they were the "latest breakthrough" at the time.

In other words, stick with your time-tested supplements like protein powders, creatine, caffeine, etc and avoid the next breakthrough product until it has been time-tested. And, finally, always be skeptical of a supplement whose name is derived from an actual steroid compound. This is a sleazy tactic used by unscrupulous supplement companies.


I appreciate the comments. The reason I'm curious is that the gentleman I mentioned above is a manager at a local sports nutrition store. More than that, the gentleman is a walking encyclopedia of sports nutrition info and has recommended several products that I have had positive results with. He works out and I have noticed a positive change in his physique over the last month or two. He's pretty excited about the positive effects of this particular product but hasn't seemed to be the type to jump on the latest bandwagon.

But before looking into it for myself I wanted to see if I could get the results of more than just one person who is supplementing with it for their opinions. Basically, I'm not one to jump on the latest bandwagon either. I like to do some research and if it looks positive then I'll give it a shot for myself.

So far I'm batting a 1000 with that approach so I don't want to screw up my average lol.

Additional comments welcomed please. Thank you.


What's in it?


I would be skeptical of anything that tries to sound like a steroid in its name selection -lol





i was scanning through musclemag today at the store and saw an add for "Dianobol," lol, i was like that's pretty clever to disguise supplements by switching a letter in a prexisting steriod name, It should be spelt Dianabol.


My trainer buddy mentioned "Gamma-O" (which I'm assuming is what you're talking about) as supposedly being a great test booster. Should I take it that this is not the case?

I've been poking around a bit, the consensus seems to be that this could be very effective in a high dosage--about a bottle a week. It's still not terribly expensive at the moment...but at the same time, it looks like even prohormones involve PCT and other crap, which is enough to scare me off. I didn't realize how serious this shit was.


Gamma-O actually decreases test and increases estrogen. You should avoid it and read the study on it.

Deca-Vol is a pro-hormone to Deca hence the name Deca-Vol. If you search through message boards it's getting rave reviews. I've ordered some now and I am anxious to try it.


why do you call it crap? Have you tried it? Have you done any research or kwow anything about Norandrostene-3b-Ol, 17-One?


What do you plan on doing with regard to deca-dick and pct? What concerns me most about this type of supplement is all the extra crap you're supposed to take with it and after it.


I plan on using Divanil, Icariin, ATD, Forskolin and I3C. Icariin is a test mimetic, boost libido and NO to my "deca-dick". I3C to help with estrogen metabolism - I3C has always helped me with sex drive. With Divanil, I've never used stinging nettle but it's supposed to lower SHBG - increasing free test and boost NO. No study on Divanil that I'm aware of but at the least it's healthy for the prostate so it's not as if it'll be a waste.Low dose ATD which should allow estrogen to stay low but not so low it rebounds extremely high after I discontinue. Who knows if any of this is even necessary - but it's not a lot of money so I'm not worried.

I will take SAME and ALA (to boost Gluthione) for my liver.

Have you ever used Deca? Not everyone gets Deca dick.


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I agree with bushy. Don't even bother with this crap. Juice or don't juice. These prohormones are so much worse for you.


how is this not in either the supplements and nutrition section, or the steroid section?

other than that, nothing to add here, just found it odd.


Makes a whole lotta sense to me. Thanks for the insight.