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I thought you guys would like the decal I put on my truck. Now before you threaten me with lawyers, copyright infringements, inflict cruel and unusual punishment as in Waterbury walks, meltdown training, or OMG listing to TC views on the social and economic impact of today’s estrogen loaded congress. I did ask for permission first and took T-MAG silence as “Sure go ahead and do whatever the hell YOU want to do” Not to worry, I won’t charge but a nominal fee per month for the advertising space…

Very nice, Phatman. I’d ask for one, but I think of bothered you enough for the next year or so. Herc

Hey Herc!!

I can tell you, or anyone for that matter, where I got it off the net. PM me and I’ll give you the e-mail and URL to get one made. He is pretty cool and can make you a decal out of just about any picture.

The Phat One

Very nice … trying to hide my jealousy.

How much are we lookin at here to get that made? Just curious…;o) VERY cool.

I want to put one on my snowboard… Very nice

It was $30.00 US and that included shipping but I also got some 5.2 Magnum decals for my hood so it should be cheaper. Since he already rendered the graphic for me it shouldn’t be a big deal for him to pump out more.

I dig it… a lot…

How dd you get it made?

That is sweet. But, dude, it would really suck if a raging feminist saw that and took a Louisville Slugger to your windshield.

Found this guy on the Dodge Forum with a plotter and a computer. Like I said PM me if you want his e-mail and I’ll hook you up. Just send him whatever graphic you want done and he can tell you if he can do it or not and how much. I didn’t want to infringe on the T-MAG trade mark to much hence the plug for the web site.

Bad ass decal!!! I want one!

Hey blood, that is straight up PHAT!!!

Here is how it looks a little farther away. My son borrowed the truck last night and as I saw it rolling away it looked so dam good I got a woody!

Phatty McFatty