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Decaf Coffee? pros n cons??

Ok, the caffeine is the main issue in the coffee we all love to drink. Well, why not switch to decaf if we love it for the taste and satisfaction of a warm cup of java. So, if anyone has any knowledge of what the pros and cons are of decaf coffee please list them???

Most of the stuff is poison due to the chemicals used in the decaffeination process. It’s been linked with a higher % of autoimmune diseases in people consuming regularly. Personally it makes me feel sick within minutes after consuming it. Anyone else get this? From what I hear the only good safe decaf is swiss water decaf.

Do you drink Near Beer?? Come on, yellow teeth with out the buzz, no thank you.

I am interested in this as well. A friend of mine told me that chemicals are used in order to eliminate the caffeine. Apparently, these chemicals cause more damage than the actual caffeine does. So, the end result is that you get rid of one evil but introduce a greater one. This was just a friend blabbering, mind you, so I am in no way stating this as fact. Does anyone else know anything about this?

There are supposed to be a natural way of elimating caffeine by some water process. My wife had bought coffee from Wild Oats that was decaffeinated in this way.

It sucks, and still jas a little bit of caffeine and other crap that they use to decaffeinate it. Not worth it to me.

It seems that you guys have given me something
else to think about/research! I know that “years” ago
industrial solvents were used to decaffeinate coffee.
Is this still prevalent…?

To answer Kelly B's question: I feel quite well after downing a steaming hot 16 oz cup of delicious chocolate almond or hazelnut decaf, but you've got my attention!

To Hoser: A while back, on Free EX’s thread, some of us were discussing just how much caffeine was in decaf coffee. Well,
I did some self-testing. I took my heart rate; it read
52 . Then I drank a 16 oz cup of decaf. Twenty minutes
later I retook my heart rate - it was 51. The next day I tried
the same experiment, but with regular coffee this time.
My pre-coffee reading was 54. Twenty minutes later I took
a follow-up reading; it registered a whopping 88.
(Does this answer anything…?)

P.S. As of the last 3 months, I have cut my caffeine intake from 400 mg's daily to well under 100 mg's a day - thanks to JMB and FREE EX.

Does anyone know if decaffeinated green tea is decaffeinated the same way as coffee? Kelly- do you remember the source re: chemicals used in the decaffeination process causing autoimmune problems?

How do you find out the caffine content of coffee anyway? My understanding is the amount varies greatly between brands and, of course, people use less water than others, etc. What’s a good way to determine it? I drink one 16oz cup per day (travel mug taken to work) that’s pretty average in strength. Anyway, I’m interested to figure out what I’m taking in each day.


The taste of decaf is, well, terrible. I can’t survive without my morning jolt of java.

Ah, just remember this: " the darker the bean, the less the caffeine" - in other words, espresso, french and other dark roasts contain less caffeine. Espresso especially, since the roasting process, which includes steaming, helps to eliminate much of the caffeine. I remember this from my Barista days.

I, however, refuse to ever touch decaf - VERY scary stuff IMO.

I drink regular coffee usually, but when it’s late night and I feel like having a cup of java I get the decaf. I personally dont think it tastes as good as regular coffee, but I think it still tastes pretty good. What REALLY tastes bad is decaf tea… Uuugg!

Don’t know if they still do it this way, but a LONG time ago in my youth (i.e., when Sanka was ‘the’ decaf) I read something to the effect that coffee beans were decaffinated using the same chemicals used to clean your suits. Appparently, they did a study at that time and found certain kinds of throat cancer most consistently in decaf-coffee drinkers and workers at drycleaners.
On that life-affirming note :-), have a good weekend, and I wish you well. TE