Decade Training

Hey everyone. I’m turning 21 this Sunday and I just got done looking at exile-swede’s ridiculously well proportioned, 31 year old performance photos ( ).

Now, I’ve had my fair share of regrets in life, like not laying certain hotties back in high school that I could’ve and so on. But I will not stand for for being 31 and looking back at the wealth of information I had at my disposal and STILL being unsatisfied with my physique. I’ve always gained muscle easily and I know that with my structure and genetics the sky’s really the limit. Also keep in mind that I’ve read EVERY article on this site, many repeatedly, and I have a solid understanding of most topics…EXCEPT longterm periodization.

If my long term goal is to achieve a well balanced look (check out exile-swede’s performance photos link), what long term approach would best fit this goal? I realize I will have to custom cater as I progress, but my #1 weakness is long term goal setting, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Make you long term goal to get huge, and when you get “well balanced” you can give up.

Seriously, have you lifted weights before?