I plan on doing my first cycle and they say its your best…so i was wondering if deca would be good to stack with 500mg Test e…and how much a week of deca…and i hear 2 different stories some say to use 10mg ED and then some say dont use it until you see side effects then use it till they are gone? is this good?

I think you have deca confused with some sort of anti-estrogen. I would suggest you do some more reading. Check out the beginner’s thread in the steroid forum. It should have some info about the different compounds, stacking, and stuff to take to reduce sides (i.e. anti-estrogens).

Deca would be about 400mg. You’re probably talking about nolvadex 10-20mg ed.

sorry it was 2 different ?'s…1st question is should I use deca in my cycle and how much? 2nd question is should i start nolva at 10mg ED or just wait till i see side effects?

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Although I’m not against the opinion to run only Test for a first cycle, I absolutely get better cumulative results with Nandrolone and Test together than just Test.
I know what they say say and bushy is right. How will you know what is the Test and what is the Deca? Fair point. Here’s what I’m saying. The first time I ran Cyp and nandrolone together I liked it so much I did the same stack again months later. If you find to components that synergisticly[sp] work together well does it matter if product A or B is the primary benefactor?

I supposed like many one might consider migrating from Test/Deca to Test/EQ. If you know what Test does on its own and you know what Test and Deca do together then you can assess Test and EQ together. Sure I got it.

Again though IMO Test and Nandrolone is better than Test. What every user must decide is what to take and not take. For example Test/Deca/Dbol is better still. How much do you want to bombard the body with? Most people, citing prudence, will say start with one and work your way up. That’s fine. But, I won’t fault find with a person who comes to me and says me first cycle is going to be Test and Deca or Test and Dbol or all three. As long as intelligence is applied to their cycles I’m ok with whatever individual decisions people make.

now what would you recommend for a pct? novla and clomid? or just a’dex?

I prefer Nolvadex for PCT as well as if you get small problems on cycle. A-dex is better for estrogen suppression but again for bulk estrogen is necessary to a degree so you don’t want to get rid of too much.

How much Nolva? and should i start 2 weeks after my last shot? should i include clomid?

Only one of the two should be used, Nolvadex or Clomid, as they work the same way. The only reason to combine them would be if having half as much of each as needed, in which case that would be sound.

As in a similar thread, better IMO to use Nolvadex (or Clomid) throughout than to use Arimidex. Likewise these compounds should take care of estrogen, in terms of avoiding gyno and no real adverse other effects, fine in your cycle also.

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