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These 1ml preloads only have 50mg each in them. To do a 400mg/week cycle I’d have to do 8ml, and I’ve read here that you should do it all at once. Is it me or does that seem like a lot?

If you choose to do it all at the same time (in one day), then spread it over 5 or 6 different bodyparts. Hell, just don’t stick 8cc’s in one muscle ROFL.

A better choice would be to do more frequent injections. Try doing 2ml EOD, or 1ml ED. You will still get your weekly dosage, but it will be spread out a little better. I personally like more frequent injections, anyway. This helps keep blood serum levels even (and not because I love feeling like a pin cushion, because I do! LOL).

I don’t think you read here that “you should do it all at once”. You probably understood that you could get away with once-a-week injections because of Deca’s long half-life. I hope this helps. Good luck.

a product that only contains 50mg/ml of nandrolone decanoate is pretty piss-poor for bodybuilding purposes. And the funny thing is I am sure you paid throught the nose for this crap. This is just another reason why most people are using UG gear these days!

As for doing it, yes, to get any effect from it, your going to have to inject a lot to begin with to get high enough blood levels for growth- just hope that the BA content isn’t too high, which is quite common as well with human gear - low dosed and high BA. Just crap.