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I know many of you do not like deca for many reasons, but I am on it and enjoying it. I am aware that we all react differently to different chemicals, but I am not having any of the negatives that most report.

Now, normally I would not use deca because of how supressive it is, but I am on a very very long cycle right now, supression is going to be bad no matter what.

I am preparing for a show, and that is why I am on such a long cycle.

Currently I am using 900mg/deca and 1000mg/week cyp. I may add tren back in within a week, as well as maybe winny or dbol.

I am a walking boner these days so deca dick has not struck. Thank god. That would be depressing.

Anyway, I just wanted to post about how deca is affecting me.

It is not really affecting you as bad and alot of people have always said that IF you do run deca THEN run it with TEST. That is what you are doing so this would explain why you are doing OK. Yes, every chemical does effect everybody differently. I had a freind who said he loved the shit out of deca UNTIL he sat up late at night crying for no fricking reason at all and had absolutly no desire to go to the gymn after his cycle was over. He wondered why his dick would’nt get hard either. Must have been the pretty young girls he was dating.

I’ve taken my share of deca as well at similiar does. I’ve never experienced the dreaded deca-dick either. However, I have experienced the major suppression that it causes. For that reason, I will never use it again. It took over 3 months and 2 three week stints of clomid to fix. The results were decent, but not at the expense of the supression. Never again.

When you decide to play the game you take the risks. I love deca. I think it is a great drug. It isn’t very toxic to the system, so if you are on for long periods of time and need to rest from the orals, it is a way to go. I alway use deca with test for my maintenance cycles. The trouble is Deca is not a “short cycle” drug. If you are just in the game to do 6 to 10 week cycles, then a recovery protocol, Deca is not the drug of choice. Nandrolone phenopropinate may be a better choice for this - but is much harder to get.

As far as your cycle goes JT you will find a good boost when you add the tren and dbol- I have found tren, deca, dbol to be good together - and of course the test is good for the sex drive.