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My buddy bought what is supposed to be 300 mg/ml Deca. I’m wonder about it. He says it comes highly recomended. It comes in a Ten ml vial with no label on it. it is capped and sealed but no label and is supposed to be made by a bootleg lab called Australian Pharmaceuticals. Has anyone heard of this product. Is it real? Everything I have bought has been Tokeeyo Deca with labels.

It doesn’t have a label and you’ve never heard of the manufacturer? I think someone is selling your gullible buddy sterile oil.

Of course there’s always a chance it is real, but how a manufacturer - even an UG lab - would keep their stuff straight without labeling is beyond me.

If he doesn’t get a woody then it’s probably real.

why chance it man, seriously… it could be anything. If your gonna make the choice to jump into the world of steroids make sure you at least know what your injecting into your body is what you think it is and is high quality. peace

If someone gave you a bottle with yellowish liquid inside and told you it was apple juice would you drink it? I hope not. Anyway, with that in mind why on earth would you consider putting a foreign/unknow substance deep into your body via an injection. BAD IDEA.

wideguy that is some funny shit

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