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Deca Worthwhile?

If I run Deca on my next cycle am I likely to have more gains that if I were if I just run more test?
I plan on only going 300mg/wk Test & 200mg/wk Deca.

Also, I have a herniated disc in my lower vertebrae, maybe Deca can help this?

Previously I’ve ran Test E, C, Sust, D-bol, Tren cycles… Just very curious about this Deca… Thanks for any input.

I ran it at 100mg/w through my doctor. The recovery was great and I loved the feel of it. So at 200/w you might not get a lot of direct muscle gains, but you should get some relief of joint pains and a little more strength. Look into NPP instead though. Kicks in much faster, and can be discontinued faster if you don’t like it.

Thanks for the info brother. I don’t have NPP on hand but a buddy of mine has the Deca at 200mg/ml. I figured I could give it a try and if I don’t respond well, order the NPP.

Before starting, do some research on what nandrolones can do to your dick. It doesnt happen to everybody but you should know how it could affect you.

@iron_yuppie is right about NPP, less chance of deca dick and shorter lives.

I’ve read all about it. It’s just different for everyone.

I personally noticed the opposite effect while on it, but that was in conjunction with trt and at a low dose. I loved it and I’m still hesitant to run it (or really NPP) again, because I feel like I shouldn’t roll the dice anymore. So there’s a lot of paranoia that is baked into nandrolone. As such your dose of 200 is probably the smart way to go if you’re going to experiment with it. But…anavar has similar benefits with regard to collagen synthesis and recovery and comes with almost zero side effects at a reasonable dose.

Yes, but if you’re one of the unlucky ones, then you’ll regret it. I did a Test/NPP blast a few months ago and it affected me in that way. I had to drop the NPP amount and bump the test and rely a little more on cialis. You might want to add Masteron to your deca cycle. It should help with ED

I don’t think anything would worth to take risk of libido

Ao I don’t suggest any npp

You can read deca dick stories