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Deca/Winnie Cycle


Say, someone wants to do a Deca/winnie cycle for 12 weeks. Bodyweight -280lbs.
Been training for 15 years. Did two cycles previously of Deca only.
What mgs would be suggested weekly for Deca and daily for Winnie(tablets). Also, when should Clomide be introduced at what dose for how long? Also, should the Winnie be stacked the entire time? What about tapering?


I dont mean to sound like a dick and I hope I don't but you are asking other people to basically plan your cycle for you and Im quite sure that you will see by the replies you get that this will not happen. Even if someone were willing to set it up for you, they do not have enough info about you and why you want to start a cycle. What is the goal? Why have you chosen Deca and winnie?More background would be helpful.

Im sure once you take the time to look around on this site or other sites and plan your own cycle, someone on here will be happy to critique it once you put something together.

good luck



with the questions your asking (PCT for one) i find it hard to believe youve done 2 cycles before or at least 2 WELL THOUGHT OUT cycles before. Do some research.


I did an eight week cycle of deca at 2mg per pound of bodyweight and I put on 30 pounds. My bench went to 550, squat to 650 and dead to 700 all raw. A little back ground, I used to bodybuild exclusively but started to get bored and wanted to try something else. I switched to what I call power-bodybuilding about two years ago. I follow westside for my powerlifting and on my accessory days, I do high rep training to build mass.

My plan is to cut some fat while also putting on some more muscle. I'm already big -280, but since I started powerlifting, I've put on some fat.

I'm at a crossroads. I think that I could do very well in a powerlifting competition but I miss the bodybuilding stage as well.

Here is my plan for a cycle.
since I responded well to deca and really don't think I need anything really severe, below is my plan.
12 week cycle.
500mg of deca split into twice a week.
-at the eight week point stack 50 mg of winnie each day for the last 4 weeks and continue the winnie for two weeks after the end of the twelve weeks of deca. After the 14 weeks, start the clomide


well now thats much better meat haha, now it sounds like youve done alot of homework. I retract my last post.


Well I think that's sort of a strange combo but one I've considered since winstrol happens to kill my joints (it's fairly common) and deca helps lube them. Unless someones else could point out why the two wouldnt' compliment eachother nicely feel free to point it out. Otherwise I'd say something like 600 mg a week of deca with a 1200 mg frontload (I'd frontload if you don't plan on going over 12 weeks or use npp instead of deca) then run your winstrol (for not longer then 6 weeks imo some will disagree) at 75 mg ed.

That should make for some very nice strength gains, I wouldnt' expect much in size. Then again I don't know many fucking people who gain 30 lbs off a deca only cycle. However at 280 you might very likely be one of the few who knows how to eat, train and rest right. Or perhaps you've got genetics on your side? Whats mom and dad look like biggen? Eitherway those arent' typical results with just deca.

Anyway if you really wanted to use just winstrol and deca a 12 weeker with the frontload like I laid out and running the winstrol at 75 mgs ed then dropping it at week 6 would be alright. Pct of just 20 mg ed for 3-4 weeks and something decent for your natty-t levels like a trib, fenugreek, avena, or potency wood product would probably work. I dont' really like not using test in a cycle though. Nor do I like or would I ever end a cycle with deca. Plus while it's not a definite,dealing with deca dick is something I definetly don't want to deal with.


Run some proviron if there isn't any test in the cycle.


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wouldn't you want to run strong binding and weak binding of the androgen receptor steroids together? why would you want to run the deca for 12 weeks? you need that long to achieve your goals even with the anabolics? Your body will not start recovering for another 5-6 weeks after the last injection if you go for that long with your amounts. I'm sure you've played with the roid calculator. being that the orals are toxic to the liver i would run them right off the start with 2 weeks on 1 week off mini cycles within the deca cycle. laters pk


I've been thinking of running test with the cycle, but didn't want the side effects related to it. With the before mentioned twelve week cycle. When would you run the test, what mg, and for how long?


I didn't have any problems. It suprised me as well.


New plan-
12 weeks.
eight weeks of test 400mg stacked with 400 mg of deca each week
finish with four weeks of winnie at 50 mg ed.


Before my first cycle, I had trained for almost 13 years. I consider myself to have good genetics. I won my first contest after only about a year of training- the teenage Mr. Va. I won my height class and overall. I then went on to win other titles.
AS for my parents, I'm the freak of the family. My dad is only about 160 lbs. Go figure. I could easily be 300 pounds at 5'9".

After further consideration. I am going to stack the test. thanks for the input.