Deca vs Tren: The Two Greats

I only want to hear from people who have used both deca and tren (not on the same cycle of course). What was your experience with each? Pros and cons. What’s your opinion on both?

Do people still use deca? I thought Tren replaced it. Never done deca but Tren yes 2x it’s a monster but it delivers…deff not 4 noobs tho

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I’ve used NPP not Deca but the results were… the impacts to erections sucked and otherwise I didn’t gain like I thought I would. Tren is the king of steroids IMO but comes with price of insomnia, night sweats, anxiety but made me feel fucking awesome at the same time and like a teenager again. Felt like everything I ate turned to muscle.


Ran 750 test and 250 deca in the past. I liked deca for my joints mostly. No ED problems at all.

Just started tren. Running enanthate at 75mg/week along with test e at 250 and growth at 2iu ED. As was stated above, Tren is a monster and I prefer to ease into it. I know of guys running low tren and getting a lot out of it. Get the most out of the least. No crazy sides as of yet but I don’t really expect any at that low of a dose. If after 4 weeks everything seems cool, I may bump it up a little more. With enanthate being a longer ester, I’d rather play it safe and not have to wait for it to clear my system if there’s problems and I don’t wanna pin ED to EOD with ace. I’ve run many cycles before opting to go to tren. As stated above, it ain’t for noobs.

Test and deca are good mass builders. Add in dbol and you have a classic stack used by old school bb’s and powerlifters.

Tren does everything no matter the goal. Seems to me tren reacts to diet whether gaining or cutting like no other.

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both are rather harsh compounds neurologically and with regard to cardiovascular health (tren being harsher short term).

While rodent models indicate trenbolone causes minimal cardiac damage and remodelling compared to testosterone (at a HED of 37mg/day!), we simply know this isn’t the case in comparison to humans (a key example of how rodent and human studies can differ in nature), seriously the hypothesis of tren being less harmful than test… just lol… we need more RESEARCH DAMMIT!

Both should be reserved for individuals very serious about the bodybuilding/athletic lifestyle, I’ve considered using deca for my joints but simply can’t bring myself to do it due to the effect on endothelial function and dopamine+serotonin depletion + alterations with regard to glutamatergic systems (long lasting effects on dopamine potentially as it interacts and alters structure of dopamine receptors+alters dopamine receptor mRNA expression), good chance (and shown in rodent models) the effects on dopamine last a good deal longer than the period of which the drug is in you’re system

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My last cycle was 400mg deca/w + 700mg test/w + 60mg dbol/d and I didn’t really notice anything from the deca

60mg dbol per day? Dam


That cycle should have yielded very noticeable changes in strength and size. It’s a classic mass builder.

Deca isn’t one of those drugs I think you “notice”. Typically, as a powerlifter, you’ll notice a difference with joint pain/soreness/tightness; at least that’s where I noticed it.

Remember, its when you combine it with everything you are using that makes the difference; but again, it’s not one I think you notice a lot of sides or strength major change. I’ve always noticed the changes running it for long periods of time.

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