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Deca vs. Test Dose

androl: 50mg daily 1-3wk
Test cyp: 500 a week 1-12wk
Deca: 500 week 1-12wk
winstrol 50mg daily 6-12wk
armidex .5 daily 1-15
HCG 250iu every 5th day 1-12wk
PCT clomid and nolvadex week 13-15, I also might throw in some IGF-R3 during PCT.

If anybody sees anything they would change let me know. Your help would be great!! Although my main concern is the Deca at that dose vs. the test. Should i change the deca dose or the lenght i run the deca. I dont want any sexual sides from the drug

***this is my 4th cycle.
age: 22
height: 68inches
weight: 185
BMI: 7%

I like to follow the rule of 5 parts Test for every 3 parts Deca or even 2to1. Also you want to run the Test 2 weeks longer than the Deca.

Here’s some other thoughts on what you posted.

50mg of drol is a very low and not very effective dosage. True its an add on but if you don’t use at least 100mg of drol a day I say why even bother.

Given my above statement I’d either drop the Deca to 300mg a week and 500mg of Test. Or if you keep the Deca at 500mg up the Test to 800-1000mg a week. That does give you a lot of gear. Also your previous if any experience on Deca makes a difference. I ran 2 cycles of 500Test and 300Deca and had no sexual sides. When I went to 750Test and 450Deca I did get the sides even though the ratio was the same.

For PCT wait 2 full weeks after your last shot of Test. Then run your SERMS for 5-6 weeks. Nolva can be done at like 40-50mg for the first 2 weeks, another 2 weeks at 20-25mg and a final 2 weeks at 10-15mg or so.

What were your first 3 cycles?

Based of what your saying I would say the 300mg of deca and 500mg of test would be great. As far as the Androl 50mg aday you dont think i will tell a diff with this? I’ve only done 3 cycles. I think this should put some weight and up the strenght. (?)

My first cycle was 14 weeks of just sust 250. 500 a week. with no PCT. (stupid me)

Second cycle was 12weeks with Test cyp 500mg a week. 3 weeks PCT.

Third cycle was test prop 100mg eod 8weeks.
3weeks of PCT.

These cycles were kinda weak and poorly thought out but that was due to my source and no knowledge of AS. After researching over the past few yrs. i know alittle more now!

Nice previous cycles. Nothing fancy. Just Test, I like it. Adding Deca to Test is often like adding Jelly to a Peanut Butter Sandwich [a nice enhancement].

Regarding the drol 100mg ED is where you’d notice it those first few weeks moreso than 50mg. You’re only running three weeks so you might as well make it worth it.

500mg of Test and 300mg of Deca is a decent stack. Given your previous history you might look at something more like 600-750mg of Test a week and 300-450mg of Deca.

Thanks for your help sapasion!

As of right now I think im just going to go with the 500mg of test and 300 deca. I will run the Androl 50mg aday only because this is all I have. But I will keep you posted on this cycle I will start somewhere between now and the first of September. I think The cycle after this I will go with those higher doses.

Also with my history and age would you consider bridging between cycles or would you do the normal PCT and HCG during cycle. Again thanks for the Help!

I forgot I might be able to meet that 750mg a week because I do have 9cc of supertest 450. I guess i could do a 1/2cc of this in between Test cyp injections that way I would have the 750mg a week. Only problem is the supertest 450 is dirty I got a serious infection from that stuff. How could make the gear good? Could I Filter it? Bake it? Both? help would be great from anyone!!