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Deca vs Cortizone/Patellar Tendinopathy

Ive had insidious onset (6 months) patellar tendinosis for the last 2-3 months (diagnosed) which I developed over the course of about 5 months before that.

Flexibility and quad strength were not the issues here, it was purely the amount of jumping, squatting, dealifting,o-lifting i was doing per week (6-10 sessions)

I took a full week off on physios advice. Then I proceeded to start a unliteral sqauts program to maintain/build quad strength.

I’ve now been seeing a sports doc as well, I am about to have Xrays and Ultrasound to check for bone spurs etc, this is probably not the problem tho.

It is looking more and more like they might want to give me some cortizone to create a window for more treatment and corrective action.

I’ve heard bad things about cortizone, but i have heard that deca would be better. Would a low dose of this be preferable to cortizone? Or should both be used?

Somebody has offered me a course of deca/sustanon (20 weeks, 250mg/week of each). Is this a better road to tread down?


This thread is on page 2. My opinion is clear but, there are others out there. Freak

I just went and re-read that one more carefully. I’ll stick it out with the ‘normal’ rehab methods i think, be patient, and see what happens.

I think i need to just be more patient, for some reason I’m running my goals against a clock in my head… If i dont achieve X soon, theres more chance that I never will. This is probably the reason I got injured in the first place, and I should realise that a bit of a mindset change will be necessary to be in it for the long run. Heck, im still only 26.

Dude I’m 10 years older than you and have the same situation to a lesser degree, though in my case flexibility and strength inbalances are also at play.

I did both - intra-articular cortisone shot and the Deca “Joint Matrix Protocol” cycle from another site.

Cortisone is no long term solution but it’s not a bad kick-start.

The Deca cycle is not a magic cure either but it seems worth trying though it’s difficult to isolate which part of a rehab plan is having the most effect.

Going to lay off the deca for a month and then do another 1 month cycle.

Have you ever heard the one where you say to your doctor it hurts when I twist like this…and the doc says, “OK dont twist like that…that will be $250”
Listen to your body and enjoy the weight room for the next 40 years------Freak

I agree with the freak lol! I understand what you are going through, but you have to come to terms with the fact that you will not be able to peak with this injury. your best bet is to take some time off and let it heal.

It is quite clear to me that you have pushed too hard, too fast. You have outgrown the strength and duribility of your tendon, and if you continue on your current path healing won’t occur. The therapy, and planned drug regimines may mask or slow your inevitable sidelining, but it is an eventuality. The longer you prolong this, the harder recovery from this injury will be.

I know however that you will continue on your path, as I would too, so good luck l0l! and get lots of ultrasound and friction on that tendon!

Thanks guys for helping me realise what I have to do here. Have to look at the positives. My weight is down, im fairly defined now. If I cant reach my O-Lifting, gymnastics goals for a while, then so be it.

Mentality change is the most important thing. I’ve hurt my body from being too keen and ignoring signals. If i was to keep going, I’d be in too much pain to even walk, and maybe wind up with my quad muscle snapping up into my groin. The very fact I considered using steroids (possibly black market) when I normally wouldnt is a testament to this.

It gonna take maybe 4 months or so, and probably a whole lot more money on treatment. When I’m better again I’ll let you all know.