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Deca & Tren - What Is the Point?

… what?

You’re welcome, it means more to a pissant like you than me. The two other posters were capable of reading, what’s your excuse?

I believe he was referring to the fact that his northern pointed erection was preventing a southern flow without a … ‘headstand’



Can’t even keep your word. You’re pathetic. You’ve proven yourself to be a hypocrite at several different levels

What do you do for a living? Just curious.

The guy is super aggressive, and without justification. I have seen it in other threads (similar insults too, insulting other’s education levels, disparaging different career options especially manual labor). Making fun of someone’s honest work is a low blow and should be more embarrassing to the one doing the insulting than the one receiving it.

Even if you did indeed misread something, it is something everyone has done at some point, and then he just accuses you of not being able to read, being a ditch digger, needing a tampon, etc.


Yeah, I was super aggressive to the two other people here who replied respectfully. Way to back up your point, mnben. Another member of the brain trust.

Learn how to read dumbass.

Another pissant clown calling me dumbass, that’s truly funny.

I’m a ditch digger with a middle school education. You already know me so well based off of one word: troll.

Don’t try to be coy now. You’ve already set the precedent

I know, normally I don’t show my ass like this, but I get tired of seeing the same stupid mother fuckers come on here spouting some shit and being an asshole because they don’t have to look you in the eye. I try to treat everyone on here with respect the same way I would if I was looking them in the eyes. But you don’t always get the same respect back. Should I have not jumped the gun and called him a troll? Probably, and I can admit that. I took the shittiness from 0-5 and he took it from 5-100

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What is it with these forums that attracts this kind of anti-social behavior? Half or more of the threads around here devolve rapidly into toddler-level spats.

I want to like this place, I really do. But compared to some other online communities that are more heavily moderated it’s just a pain in the ass to even try and read through.

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Trick is to stay out of pharma

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TRT can be the same way. At least the guys in politics don’t seem to be children.

Like, this is a thread on 19nors. Stop shitting the place up.


My point, wsmwannabe, is that I said nothing disrespectful to anyone, only you, after being called a troll. You are correct though, that I should have responded in a way that demonstrated more class and for that I admit I was in the wrong to go off the rails as I did. Anyway, I’m not one to hold a grudge, so I extend my hand for a virtual handshake.


That’s fair, I’m even getting on my own nerves at this point for being so petulant. I’ll stop for the good of the forum.

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Oh, the guys in politics are even worse in my opinion.

We can either build a community that shares serious research and ventilates ideas into the group, or we can abide people acting like 3 year olds. Not gonna be able to have both. There are guys around here posting serious work that takes a lot of time. More of that, less of whatever this horse shit is.



(that’s a fist bump not a punch)


I have to disagree. I used to enjoy the TRT forum but pharma seems way more friendly. TRT section has almost become laughable. You get new guys posting all the time that become ‘experts’ in a few months by regurgitating the same stuff over and over.

Its also less interesting IMO over there. There is only so much you can do with your protocol. Test dosage, AI or no, and HCG dosage or none at all. Same stuff different day and same arguments.