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Deca & Tren - What Is the Point?

I’m genuinely asking this, not trying to be a smartass. If you read these threads, all you see is deca dick, deca dick, deca dick, etc. Why in the hell would anyone even bother having a limp dick when there are 50 other AAS compounds to choose from? Can anyone explain the magic of deca to me?

Tren is a bit different, obviously the strength gains are beyond any other AAS so unlike deca you’re actually getting something out of it. However, what is being shown with cognitive impairment not to mention what is extremely toxic to the body makes me scratch my head as to why anyone does it. Hell, why not just run 1.5g of test E per week as opposed to even screwing with tren?

Again, not trying to start an argument, I am 100% genuinely curious.

All anabolic androgenic steroids appear to be neurotoxic, this isn’t unique to trenbolone or Nandrolone.

I would say there is a certain level of muscularity one can only achieve with Tren, also its nutrient partitioning abilities when dieting for a show. Being able to build muscle in a caloric deficit. IMO, unless competing, there is no need for Tren.

Nandrolone, I feel achieves a certain ‘rounded’ and full look to the muscle, also puts on muscle faster than Testosterone. Then theres the newbies who think they might just be one of the lucky ones who dont get deca dick.

Overall, 19-nors are compounds not really needed by the average gym rat looking for aesthetic gains.



You’re generalizing and I imagine you haven’t used either of these compounds yourself. Deca and Tren can’t be replaced. It’s not as simple as using more testosterone you will NOT achieve the same results. Deca can be used basically forever and grows muscle pretty much better than anything. Tren as has been mentioned strength, aggression, and a certain look to the physique.

Besides, not everyone gets negative side-effects. Many people use Deca and Tren and their dicks work perfectly fine. Toxicity? Shown by what? It’s a myth. Steroids are like Amazon reviews, the people with a bad experience are always the loudest. The majority never have issues, imo.

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By literature and decades of case reports.

Whilst the level of toxicity is individualistic, detriment will be (to a level) unanimous to all users.


How is such toxicity measured? What tests are used? What do they look for? My blood work has never shown anything unusual.

I have been using NPP for a little over two months and have had zero issues with ED. It’s also a pretty good mass and strength builder. Just because you see tons of threads of “deca dick” on here doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of people without that issue.

No one comes onto an AAS forum to talk about how they didn’t get deca dick or how much of a great experience they had with it. Most people coming on here are asking how to use it or asking how to unfuck their body after they fucked it up.

Blood tests/markers are only one way of looking at what is going on. Blood hormone panels won’t necessarily tell you about heart or brain health.

The reason you see so many posts with problems, is that the ones that have them want answers & help. I’ve used a boatload of both tren and deca and have to do a handstand to pee every time I wake up. All based on individual body chemistry there.


He started off the thread based off of the incredibly inaccurate assumption that using tren or nand automatically causes ED issues. The more I think about it the more it seems like a straight up troll post/thread.

Parents couldn’t afford private school? It shows, given you can’t read. Try reading it slower, sound out the words, and then try again. You pissant dolt. Also, unwad your panties.

I have no doubt about that DKNY, but my point is that 19-NORs have negative and long lasting impacts on the brain, this seems to cause deca dick. Deca isn’t magical, so why do people take the risk? Tren I understand because it does things other AAS can’t.

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My points exactly, Singhbuilder. Thanks for understanding how to read unlike wsmwannabe.

This pretty much exactly proves my point. You say it’s a legitimate question but then attack those that respond.

Maybe you should reread your own post. You clearly state that using Deca or Tren will lead to ED, not even leaving room for the possibility that not everyone gets it.

[quote=“plinnyc88, post:1, topic:268941, full:true”]
I’m genuinely asking this, not trying to be a smartass. If you read these threads, all you see is deca dick, deca dick, deca dick, etc. Why in the hell would anyone even bother having a limp dick when there are 50 other AAS compounds to choose from? Can anyone explain the magic of deca to me?[/quote]

And then you say this:

but respond like a middle schooler that clearly is due for an ass whipping.

Do you feel better showing off your big e-penis like a real keyboard warrior? Good job big man

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You mischaracterized what I said, if you scroll up there are other guys who replied who made it beyond middle school and understood what I was asking.

Btw, ditch digger, I NEVER said tren causes ED, I said it’s highly toxic and I understand why someone would do it. On deca, however (I’m spelling it out because reading comprehension isn’t your strong point) I said that the ED is more common relative to nearly every other compound but unlike tren does nothing magical. The risk-reward is completely stupid.

I’ll pick you up some midol because your widdle girl self was triggered enough to reply multiple times to the same post. Climb off the rag.

Lol you’re projecting all of your insecurities on me. It’s comical. Your bitchy word choice proves it hahaha

Whatever you say, Freud. You’re the only guy (well, kind of a guy) on this thread whining like a fruitcake, notice the replies from everyone else compared to you. Now, go reply to the same comment multiple times again and show everyone how triggered you are simply because you can’t read.

Lmao, still projecting. It must be hard to be that bitchy. You obviously didn’t read my previous replies (posts 7 and 8) BEFORE calling you out as a troll, which I admit, I was wrong about. You aren’t a troll, you’re just an asshole looking for an argument.

I’m sorry you’re having a bad day, drink some beer, rub one out, lift some weights, go have sex, whatever you gotta do. Being shitty to strangers online aint it buddy.

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If you want to say projection, perhaps look in a mirror. I replied kindly to the other posters who weren’t calling me a troll and, to reiterate, are capable of reading comprehension.

Had you not called me a troll and actually understood what I said, I would have treated you with the same respect I did the other two gentleman. Then you accuse me of being shitty to strangers online, that’s rich. Have the last word, whatever makes you feel better about a dead end job and inability to read.

That’s a pretty good tactic. I use that one too when I want to bow out but still want to feel like I’m in control… ya know, giving permission to the other person to have the last word.

Yep, I accused you of being shitty because you are being shitty. You can’t even acknowledge it.

And yep, now I’m trolling because you’re still being shitty up until then end and you think it’s ok.

If you really didn’t want to start an argument like you claim, you would’ve clarified your post or asked me to clarify mine instead of jumping the gun with your inane verbal (typographical?) assault. You say I’ve got my panties in a wad, but all of your responses tell a very different story, like you’re PROJECTING your hurt feelings onto me and acting like I am the one that should “unwad my panties”. (It’s clear I need define “projecting” for you because based on your responses you clearly do not understand the meaning).

Thanks for your permission to have the last word :smile: