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Deca + Tren + Test & Sore Shoulders?

Thanks for following up. So 30 mg per week of tren, and how much nandrolone and testosterone per week?

You definitely want to do the quality control on your medications.

Testosterone is also .15ml, 250mg/ml vial (twice a week)
Deca is .2ml, 200mg/ml vial (once a week)

Wow, that’s an interesting combo. So 185 mg week total AAS. 30 tren / 75 test / 80 nand

How does your provider explain the rationale behind this approach? What is he treating you for?

Have you considered sub-Q injections in the glute (see blue zone in picture below)? Seems very doable with the total injection volume you are working with (0.5 mL twice per week).


My best advice to you is find a new doctor immediately.

The deca is for healing/joint pain. He was straight up about the tren; that it’s for losing fat and building muscle. But this is a deal-breaker. I can’t put up with this.

That’s a progressive provider. You could try the sub-Q glute method and see if you get same burn to test hypothesis that IM injection in delt is problematic. But since you’ve done test at that site, seems like your nandrolone or tren vials may be contaminated?

Have you tried to inject each medication at a different site to pinpoint whether it is the nandrolone or tren or both that may be the problem?

No, haven’t tested anything at this point. Yesterday was my 2nd injection. I figured the first time it happened it was just a fluke thing. But after it happening again yesterday, I don’t really want to do a 3rd injection. I’ve already reached out to my doc, I’ll see what he has to say, now that I know this isn’t something normal.

Stinging is the alcohol you most likely
Swabbed your injection area with and didn’t let completely dry before Injecting. My guess anyways.

So is this in Liberia? Limon? San Jose? I’m fascinated. I’m in Managua. That ain’t happening here. Everything is OTC, but no compounding. And no tren or nandrolone.

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It’s not the alcohol stinging; I’ve had that before. This is a deep burning feeling that lasts 30-60 minutes. It’s enough to where I can’t really sit still. It’s painful. I can handle it, but I’d say it’s a level 5 or so out of 10 on the pain scale? It’s not a little alcohol stinging. The whole area gets warm, but no redness. Nothing at all like pip.

Then the really sore area that happens maybe 6 hours or so after the injection. Sore enough to where I can’t lift my arm above my head. Last injection was Monday. Today the soreness is reduced to where I can actually go to the gym today. I won’t be taking any more injections of tren or deca until after I’ve spoken with the doctor.

San Jose.

Good to hear you will stop. Please be careful with your precious health.

Is it possible the test is just test prop ?
That would explain the burn… Also why deca & tren ? Seems like a reciepe for limp dick. However costa rica sounds nice wish they were that progressive here. Damn u trump

Did you ask the question to the DOC who prescrib it ?

Lol you really think a doctor who prescribed test, deca, and tren has any answers for him.

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Interesting, I believe original poster mentioned he was fine with the testosterone but started having the issue when he added in the ND and TA. I’ve read anecdotal information that some folks have issues with propionate or acetate esters with their higher melting points (crystals crashing out if oil gets taken up faster than the ester).

Given what was described and fact OP has issue with both ND (?) and TA perhaps the compounded drugs were made with too much alcohol. I’m still betting on too much alcohol or organic impurity (could be poor quality bulk). That scenario seems to fit his description. @Stevedb4x4, can you go check out the pharmacy and make sure they’re prepping the medications correctly? From a reputable pharmacy you’d want to look at the ingredient list (example):


Are you getting the medications at the provider or do you go to the compounding pharmacy?

I doubt that he’s going to get those questions answered. Costa Rica is weird. Technically they have controls on drugs, but frequently they have a licensed doctor on hand or next door who will write you whatever script you want for $10. And those clinics like where this guy is going are a racket. They charge a lot, usually American size prices, for anything. He’s better off just going to a regular pharmacy and buying test Cyp OTC, which is legal, and handling his own protocol.

I injected just Test Cyp today and zero issues. No PIP, no burning, no shoulder issues. Nothing. Just a normal injection and I’m fine.

The doc is looking into the issue with the pharmacy. Until then, I will only use Test Cyp.

Yeah, that’s true. I went to the clinic first to learn what I needed to know, rather than winging it on my own. From here on out, I’ll go to a regular pharmacy and get the Test Cyp and AI OTC.

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