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Deca + Tren + Test & Sore Shoulders?

I go to an anti-aging clinic that prescribes me deca, tren and test, all at therapeutic levels. I had my 2nd shot of deca and tren yesterday in my delt, and the injection burns for a good 30 minutes afterwards. It’s like a deep burning. I’ve been on TRT for about 3 months now and there’s no burning with that. I’ve read that tren is sometimes painful for a little while after the injection.

I’m fine with that, but the part that concerns me is how sore my outer shoulder gets. the pain is kind of on the outside, past my delt. it’s not where i injected it. it’s happened so far both times. the first time it took maybe 2-3 days to go away.

is this normal? just my body getting used to the tren/deca being injected?

Lmfaooooo bro shut the fuck up

You clinic prescribes you tren? Your either trolling or have no idea what your injecting into your body.

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I don’t live in the States; it’s legal where I live.

What pharmaceutical company makes your tren?

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What health benefit does tren provide for a clinic to prescribe it … please inform us or actually post your script

local compounding pharmacy makes it

Your doctor prescribes you a drug that’s not cleared for human use for trt and your local compounding pharmacies makes it? Out of what finaplex pellets?

Wow, compounded trenbolone acetate?. This I gotta hear. This site is the gift that keeps on giving.

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What is your dosing protocol?

I want to know what a therapeutic dose of tren is lmao

So no advice on my question then?

Nandrolone dissolved in oil carrier does not burn and there’s absolutely no reason why trenbolone would not behave the same way (@zeek1414 zeek1414 seems to have direct experience so he can confirm). So unless you are going to an AA clinic for livestock where they would be placing a pellet behind your ear (or in this case in your shoulder), there should be no burn:



Can you describe this AA clinic? What does the inside of the clinic look like? You are receiving an oil based injection of trenbolone acetate at the clinic?

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I self-inject. I have the vials at home. They’re made at a local compounding pharmacy. Clinic looks great inside. I’m not in the States. Nothing that the clinic prescribes is controlled here.

I’d make sure you ask for USP grade tren acetate. Confirm the source of the raw powder and make sure you aren’t getting some other impurities in the powder or oil carrier.

Seems like a big red flag to me if you are getting pain like this on what sounds like 0.5 mL or less injections? How many mL are you injecting each time?

Where is “here”?

Also, you should not be getting burning from that injection. Are you sure you’re not mistaking the usual pip sensation for burning?

Correct, they’re .15 mL injections, twice a week. I’ll bring up your points to the doctor.

Especially since you don’t get this “burn” with the testosterone. Hence I am assuming you have a good reference for pip sting to compare against. So this is 200 mg/mL compounded trenbolone acetate? Is that what the bottle says? Any other ingredients on the label? What oil? Any other bacteriostatic additives like benzyl alcohol?


Its hard for me take any of this post serious. I can’t see a doctor prescribing tren then where does this compounding pharmacy source its raw?

You must live in a third world shit hole where doctors and pharmacies have absolutely no safety standards in which case my advice to you is do some research on what you are putting in your body or atleast what you think you are.

Great point here. Use my link above and make sure you understand where the pharmacy is sourcing their bulk/raw powder. You could ask pharmacy to give you ingredient list and confirm USP grade bulk.

Please let us know. Wow, this is a whole new world, thanks for alerting the forum to existence of compounded trenbolone. Kinda starts to blur the line of what the definition of “compounded” actually is. So you are injecting your nandrolone and trenbolone separately or this is a combo vial?

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It’s like a stinging/burning. I’ve felt it before. The first was when I went to the hospital awhile back for gastritis, and they gave me an IV and it infiltrated to the surrounding tissue. It was the same burning stinging feeling.

The label says:
Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/ml
10ml vial (For intramuscular use only)

Then a lot # and expiration date. I don’t know what oil or other additives.

I live in Costa Rica. There are no restrictions on many substances that are controlled elsewhere.