Deca, Tren, Both?

Hey All,
I’m in need of a little advice.
I’m middle aged, been on TRT for a little over a year. Regular bloodwork and I’ve increased my dosage steadily to see results.
Currently on 600mg Test-C (pin 300 2x a week)
Arimidex caps 3x a week.
HCG 2x a week w the test
I’m on the tail end of 6iu daily of Hgh (3mos)
Sermorelin daily.

I train 5 hours a week, eat clean (low carb, 3000-3500 cal a day, 20g carbs rest from meat, green veg, protein shakes, use BCAA & creative).

Getting to the point, I’m fat.
I’d like to build more muscle and drop some fat %.

I have now DECA & TREN-E in my possession. I’d like to add one to my cycle.

I was thinking the TREN-E 200mg (100mg pinned 2x a week w the test-C) perhaps for 12 weeks?

If I was to try the deca either with it in place of the Tren, I’m not really sure what the dosage would be.

I guess I’m asking, thoughts about the Tren?
I think the dosage is on the lower side so I could wait and see how I tolerate it.

With the goals being to put on size and lean out am I thinking the right way?

Any advice/insight would be appreciated!!

I would favor the Tren over the Deca if you’re wanting to lean out, but even then leaning out is still gonna be diet dependent. Everything is gonna be diet dependent. IMO, there are two types of anabolics - those that hold water and those that don’t. Choose those that aren’t known for holding water if you wanna lean out. I would probably cut back on the amount of test you’re taking as well if you wanna lean out. Maybe test 250/wk and Tren E 200/wk cycle while leaning out? Most important is the diet. Good luck.

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You don’t need deca or tren, you need more hours in the gym and fewer calories. And yes, you get points for being honest. If you think you’re fat then you know that you have a glitch somewhere in your routine. Before adding either of those two drugs you should make some changes to your routine. If you’re on 600mg test, and hgh, and Sermorelin, and you’re still fat then your diet isn’t working. Period. I’m at the tail end of a bulk and it’s gotten sloppy the last few weeks. I look terrible. And I know exactly why. I can name for you the foods that I’ve indulged in that I had previously eschewed. I can go back and track the days that I hit way above my calorie goals. And I’m lazy. Which means if I can find the source of my mistakes then anyone can.

Focus of getting more time in the gym. Get some extra cardio in. It’s just flat out good for you anyway. Cut your calories down. If you’re fat it’s because of your calorie intake, right? So just cut that number down and see where you are in a month. Then you can take a look at adding something like deca or tren to your cycle(s).


There is SO MUCH info on tren on this forum. Too much to capture. You need to do some research.

In my experience, Tren will lean you out and cause you to burn fat like crazy. I couldn’t control my appetite when on Tren but if you can eat clean, I think you will see the results you want.

But again, everybody is different.

Hey I myself was dupped by this myself for years, BCAAs are actually working against you!
Those studies that said they help build muscle were done intravenously. When you orally injest them they actually stop you from burning fat!!! And they do NOT help build muscle when orally ingested.

I just found out reading up on them myself. Just for the information dissemination it is “essential amino acids” that do help build muscle.

Since you are worried and working on body fat then drop the BCAAs. Chances are you will see some fat loss once you stop, I know I have been seeing fat loss and I am already at or under ten percent.

Drop the BCAAs and you will probably get a good portion of your desired results with just that.

Those fuckers in the supplement industry really should give us our money back. It was a ten plus year deception!

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