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Deca, Tren A, Dbol, and Test C


Hey, I’m new to forums but have been reading on here for awhile now… I’m thinking about running
Tren A- 50mg ED 1-10
Test C - 500mg 1-14
Deca - 300mg 1-10
Dbol - 30mg 1-6
Armidex- E3D
Caber- .5 per week (3 times a week)

Nolva 20-40mg ed
Arimidex e3d

This will be my 5th cycle I’ve ran this all before, only thing new will be the tren, just wanted to hear people’s thoughts, thanks.


No… simply put… just dont… mixing two 19-Nor compounds is just unnecessary… also 350 Tren might be a little high for first run. Try 50MG EOD to start. So either don’t use the Tren… and the cycle looks good. OR
Drop the Deca and try 500cyp and 200Tren Ace per week Dbol is fine.


Okay, I’ll drop the deca, although I’ve read people going both ways with it, I’m curious to why just to expand my knowledge


why is it a problem though? Deca and tren absolutely have different properties. I like Deca for the healing properties that tend to go along with it, even at a low dose. tren doesn’t do that. what’s the downside of running a little of each? would you say something like 750 deca and no tren is a ‘better’ option than, say, 300 deca and 200 tren?


More of anything is isn’t always better, be it more compounds, more MG. It’s not always better. And to be honest. Look at the guys avatar. That will tell you alone why I said no. But for you flip if you wanted to do Deca and Tren together. Ide say be careful and keep an eye on prolactin and keep doses relatively low. still in my opinion it’s not necessary…


that answers my question. i wasn’t sure if you meant this to be a more general thing, or if it was really directed at the op.

I’m currently running deca, and i’ve loved it. i have run tren before, and i don’t love it. i have not run them together. My THOUGHT was that, for strongman purposes, the combination might be useful. at least for limited runs. deca, test, dbol and winstrol are what i’m building my cycles around currently. Keeping it pretty simple. But I’ve had thoughts of adding in tren ace for limited periods approaching a competition to potentially jack up my static lifts (deadlift, ohp) a bit.


I just had to drop Tren from my current blast. It was just too much for me. Tren is the best/worst drug out there… personally I never saw that much of a strength increase on Tren. However MethylTren. Whole other story. If you were looking for something to really jack your numbers up there I would defiantly recommend methylTren preferably injectable. Anywhere from .75 to 1MG pre workout and holy fuck!! The aggression and strength is unlike any other compound out there. PERIOD


interesting. I have Halo on hand, and that’s the strongest oral I’ve taken to date. Would you say that methyl tren would be a decent option for strongman? Conditioning plays a role in the sport, up to about 90 seconds at a time, and competitions last around 7 hours sometimes. Any downside you see with methyltren in that regard?

I don’t find myself asking questions on these boards very often anymore, lol. It’s nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of.


It’s a pretty quick acting drug. It’s efffects are pretty much in and out. The strength and aggression part anyways. To be honest I couldn’t give you much input on the conditioning side of it. Because I didn’t really use it for such. But I can tell you it’s far stronger than HALO and my lifts went up every single session. Had to actually slow myself down in fear of injuring ligaments and tendons. I did notice i built up a bit of a tolerance though. I wouldn’t run this drug as a cycle staple. Only Pre Workout Drug for the most part. Using it on heavy days. Say 3-4 days a week for 2-3 weeks max then put it away for a little while haha


Forst time i ran tren It was too much for me too. How much dod you start with? I started with 400mg ew. It was an experiment actually. I added it at emd of a test/primo cycle. Plan was to only run it for 4 weeks but really I couldnt have ran it longer than that. It was crazy, i actually lost weight those 4 weeks and i was in a bulk. Tren is powerful shit! I started getting bad prolactin sides too and prami made me feel worse.

But a couple years later I decided to give it anaother go. This time i ramped up slowly. Started with 200mg ew with 600mg test. Ran 200mg for 4 weeks then 300mg for 4 weeks then 400mg for 4 weeks. I used mucuna pruriens for prolactin and the whole experienced was much better. I found out that even at 200mg I was benefiting from it in a big way. And the sodes were much more manageable. Now i throw in 200mg tren e on top of every cycle. Its anazing compound. But yeah, even 200mg ew will give you benefit! Just try it!