Deca Treatment for Back and Nerve Pain

I’m not sure which category this should be in as it’s not T replacement, it is an anoblic but it’s also regarding an injury. I’m currently on T replacement and my well respected doctor in the Sports Medicine field suggested that I take .5 ML of Deca per week indefinitely. I’ve had 6 back surgeries and a spinal stimulator implant for bad nerve pain in my legs and feet. I moved up to Washington State in the summer from LA and the cold has made my nerve pain in my feet much worse. On top of that my lower back pain is awful. This is a big decision, so figured it wouldn’t hurt to see what some of you think about this. Has anyone here done this for pain and what were the results? At this low of a dose would I get any benefits for muscle growth or the side effects such as Ed issues or bitch tits? Thanks guys

I forgot to mention that I do take pain medication and nerve medication but the pain is still bad.

Nandrolone will not help with nerve pain. It’s strictly good for joints because if its positive effects in tendons and ligaments. If you’re on opioid-based pain medication then don’t expect to ever actually feel better. It will only get worse as time goes on. It’s not a bad idea to think about an exit ramp for that class of drugs.

What about my lower back pain? Is there a chance that it would work well enough to where I can stop taking my pain medication? And what about any benefits such as muscle growth at that low of dosage? Side effects such as ED issues or birch tits? And finally, is it safe to take indefinitely?

0.5 ML is how many miligram you gonna take?

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Yes assuming your taking 100mg per week. But this shouldn’t be taken indefinitely.

ED is a common side effect of Nandrolone. Bitch tits not so much as it doesn’t aromatize strongly.

Maybe maybe not. I personally wouldn’t as their are risks but you may get a free ride on that low dose.

Depends what’s causing it, but my guess would be no, it won’t help.

Lower back pain is the most common kind of pain that gets worse on opioids. Pretty much anything you do isn’t going to make a dent in it as long as those are present.

It can help a little bit, but it’s nothing dramatic.

User dependent. At a low dose those are both unlikely.

If you have AIDS? Yes. For everyone else? No. The only clinical indefinite use is for AIDS patients and obviously they have a lot of other things going on that are much worse for them than nandrolone will be. But for most other people prolonged use carries more risk than reward.