Deca, Testosterone Cypionate Cycle. 43 Y/O

Can you post your blood work (with name blocked out)? What are your testosterone levels?

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Does deca or npp burn like test prop?

Thanks man. I’ll post it when I get home from work.

Nolva twice a week at 10mg should be enough to prevent gyno at that testosterone dose. You’ll want to have a real AI on hand in case it’s needed. You don’t have to break that glass unless it’s necessary, but make sure to have it nonetheless. Some guys get away with no AI, others need a lot. It’s very individual.

If they removed the glands then chances are you’ll never have to worry about this ever again.

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I was wrong, out of all the things mentioned, only testosterone was tested.

Your Value
392 ng/mL
Standard Range
175 - 827 ng/mL

So, within range but on the lower end?

Is there a particular panel that includes everything? Wondering if I can just get a primary care doctor to order them.

If you aren’t on cycle or TRT you can add LH & FSH to this list.

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Thanks man. This is really helpful.

I got all these done yesterday, I’ll post results when they are available.

In the meantime, I just want to make sure I have everything I need to start my cycle as soon as I have those results.

As far as an AI to have around in case it is needed, what is recommended? I read conflicting information with Arimidex, but it seems to be the most popular?

Once I begin, how often should I get bloodwork done? Just when/if I feel symptoms? If so, what would those symptoms be?

Really appreciate the time everyone takes to help educate. Even though I’ve spent months reading before actually getting the stuff, I’m still very much a beginner with all of this. :+1:

Arimidex (Anastrozole) is used when you have serious high E2 issues but must be careful as a little too much can crash E2. Crashed sucks much worse than high imo. Good to have on hand and only use if needed.

Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) can be used for gyno without the risk of crashing E2 but does nothing for high E2 sides.

Make sure you do more reading than this post about them. Especially regarding dosages and if/when to use them.

Finally got my results:

DHT, Percent free Dialysis 1.4% (reference range 0.54 - 2.58)
DHT, Free 4.48 pg/ml (reference range 2.30 -11.60)
Dihydrotestosterone 32 ng/dl (reference range 30 - 85)

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 43.3 nmol/L (reference range 20 - 49 years old 16.5 -55.9)
Prostate Specific Ag, Serum 0.6 ng/ml (normal range 0.0 - 4.0)
Estradiol 28.5 (normal range 7.6 - 42.6)
TSH 3.95 ulU/ml (normal range 0.450 - 4.500)
FSH 2.0 (normal range 1.5 -12.4)
LH 5.6 miU/ml (normal range 1.7 -8.6)

For the lipid panel, all numbers were within range, except HDL Cholesterol which was low at 34 mg/dl (normal range is >39) . I take Atorvastatin to control high cholesterol problems I’ve had since my 20s. LDL and Total Cholesterol were in normal ranges. Not sure if you wanted me to post the rest of the lipid panel results, if they are all within normal values…

What was somewhat concerning, in my Comp. Metabolic Panel, both ALT and AST returned higher than normal values.

ALT 165 (normal values 0 - 44)
AST 91 (normal value 0 - 40)

I don’t really drink much, Dr ordered Hepatitis tests, and results were negative. She also ordered an ultrasound of my stomach to check if something is going on with my liver.

Glucose was also a bit higher than normal at 101 (normal range 65-99), which is interesting because I don’t really eat sugary and try to avoid carbs whenever possible. I don’t tend to be a drinker - arrived in SF recently, so I’ve had the occasional drink while meeting new people. But not much at all.

Don’t really know how to interpret most of this, other than it seems I’m within normal ranges for most things. My main concern is that these high liver enzymes will prevent me from cycling. And my health, of course. But once you’ve decided and are determined to go through with it, it would just be really disappointing.

@unreal24278 can likely tell you about your ALT & AST. I would get your liver checked soon brother. That looks concerning. Some prescription needs can elevate numbers.

Many prescription drugs also induce elevated ALT. Cholesterol lowering agents (such as HMGCo-A reductase), anti tuberculosis drugs, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs including aspirin are all known to cause mild elevated liver enzyme.

This… surprised your doc wasn’t aware. Statin meds can raise liver enzymes. Also, you should consult an endo about your TSH in my opinion. Further tests should be ordered. Where is your TT?


Even though I gave her the full list and she confirmed she requested TT, those results haven’t arrived yet, so I’m assuming she might have overlooked that.

Last time I tested, the values were:

Your Value
392 ng/mL
Standard Range
175 - 827 ng/mL

But this was several months ago now, so I don’t know if I should roll with that.

Regarding the Liver:

I got an ultrasound and they could see nothing wrong with it, no liver damage - anything at all.

So there isn’t an explanation yet for the enzymes being so high. Something I forgot to mention (because it’s something I never do) is that I’d been on a trip to Colombia and kind of partied in irresponsible ways I never do. One thing in particular that I read could affect these values, but when I remembered and shared with her, she said that it was highly unlikely that it was the cause.

Her impression is that everything is fine? But those numbers are still elevated, so who the F knows. She is referring me to a liver specialist so he can take a look as well.

I can say that this limbo kind of sucks. And the worst part- I’ve been so consistent and motivated with my workout routines for quite a long time - doing a lot of hard work with no enhancements other than regular supplements. I only really wanted to do one bulking and one cutting cycle, kind of as a reward to myself. On a fitness journey, where there really is no one end goal, but a consistent work in progress, the cycle was one definable goal I’d been working towards, which kept me going. And even though that should not be my main source of motivation, the idea that I might not be able to because of those numbers, is really affecting my drive to workout, where I’ve gone from looking forward to my workout as the best part of my day, to literally having to push myself and drag my feet to the gym.

I am about to head back home after a three month business trip, so having my personal trainer around again will really help with the motivation part. Just trying to shift my mindset again to be in that productive state .

I’m half thinking that I might just go ahead and do it anyway, as “the liver looks normal”, but that would be so irresponsible. Hoping I can get more insight once i see the specialist: because it’s hard to understand everything being normal, but the numbers elevated.

One thing I know for sure, after the deca dick mention, is that I’ll just be doing testosterone. I’d be way too paranoid to lose my sex drive or erections, when I’m literally living my best life right now, in that department. I guess that’s the silver lining to all of this. Means I have an extra vial of juice that I can gift a friend for the holidays :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

This forum is a great, great community that actually helps me remain accountable to myself. So thanks for all your replies/suggestions. Will keep updating as I get news.

Testosterone results in:


So, well within normal range.

Regarding the liver, Dr does not seem too concerned. I’m getting retested to confirm results.

Assuming everything is fine;

Now that all results are here, the only thing I’m still apprehensive about is how/when to use Arimidex. I’ve seen quite a few articles/posts out there, but I feel like there’s conflicting info. Is there a well known post or guide someone can point me towards that explains labwork monitoring throughout a cycle and how to assess the need for / dosage of an AI?

Alright, so… I’m not going to judge you based on the decision to continually use anabolic steroids. I assume you understand the potential long term cardiovascular, endocrine, neurological risks (of which if I explained the mechanisms to you… which I won’t because I’m on holiday and don’t have time… they sound much scarier than simply saying “taking this increases you’re risk of a heart attack”.

But I will say this, ALL anabolic steroids, not just deca… have the potential to induce neurological dysregulation, loss of libido etc. even test alone (if prolactin bullshit is a concern) can dramatically elevate prolactin (studies using male subjects and supra doses of test demonstrate this).

The only real side effect I get from anabolics (which settles down after week five as the body readjusts) is autonomic dysfunction

ALL a anabolics appear to make me slightly more irritable, snappy etc, however I’m aware of this and don’t let it interfere with my daily interactions. I get similar to what @weightliftingwithoutlimits described… I get far more irritated than usual when others behave badly, cut me off in traffic or otherwise provoke me (rare, but it does happen… a tweaker provoked me the other day, and when it happened there was a part of me saying “stand up for yourself, if he starts with you… you can take him”… which is incredibly flawed ideology

Firstly I was in

  • a medical office waiting to take my brother to a doctors appointment as he crashed his car so I had to drive him


  • tweakers, no matter how tiny they seem… are like ticking timebombs full of explosive, aggressive energy.

Long term im perhaps inducing damage to my neurological balance, cognitive functioning (visuospacial) activating apoptopic mechanisms within a myriad of cell cultures that will ultimately induce damage in the long run to my heart, liver, kidneys etc. and yes… on this particular cycle my libido dropped off initially (no deca), it’s back now (on test only, 250mg weekly, enough to keep me at like 1400ng/dl).

You can say “I used pure, uncut Columbia’s cocaine”, there’s no judgement here (at least from me)… only I will tell you that snorting coke is more dangerous than most substances of recreation, combining it with alcohol is an even worse idea and on cycle… forget about it

Will it kill you instantaneously? There’s a possibility… but probably not… will coke+AAS+booze combos take 40-50 years off you’re lifespan when done repeatedly… that’s absolutely possible

Don’t use orals with those LFTS… don’t use orals on statins (both are hepatotoxic)… do you drink?

Exercise, statins are both known to raise ALT/AST

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Good news: new test results came Back, and both ALT and AST are within the desired ranges:

ALT: 47
AST: 25

Regarding everything else: the only recreational drug I use is cannabis, usually in edible form. Colombia was a one off, and I rarely drink - not expecting to drink at all while on the cycle.

So, starting out, it seems everything is working fine. I want to make sure I am as careful as possible. I understand there will be side effects, regardless, but I still want to do as much as I can in order to protect myself.

I have the Nolvadex for PCT, but I still need to get the Arimidex to have on hand. I’m just a bit nervous about its use, just because there really isn’t a clear guideline out there that I can find.

My intention is to only do one bulking and one cutting cycle. I think I’m at a point where that will be enough to satisfy my boosting goals.

Besides this, are there any other natural supplements I can take that will help protect?

Edibles last too long… and are metabolised entraheptatically so they peak in concentration twice… so bad news if you have a bad trip (once had a brownie that was so strong I was seeing colours and shapes appear on the walls around me)… I think there 3 grams of hash in the brownie if I recall correctly… unbeknownst to me before I gulped the entire thing down. Didn’t have a bad time, it was actually very fun but I was completely incapacitated, if you’d told me to do the dishes or something I probably would’ve said “impossible”

However they save you’re respiratory system from significant harms associated with the inhalation of cumbusted plant matter… so if you’ve got 12 hours of you’re day to put aside it’s the preferable route of administration

To protect yourself as much as physically possible, supplements that improve antioxidant profile/reduce oxidise stress and lower systemic inflammation, keep bp in check, ecg on regular interval or at the very least teach yourself how to perform a precordial examination (invest in a stethoscope)… in which case familiarise yourself with the different types of heart murmurs/arrhythmias and points of auscultation. I give myself one monthly

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One more question:

I see people are still being directed towards this post.

Is it still considered current, relevant information? In terms of pct and AI use, specifically speaking. It suggests the use of Arimidex from the beginning of the cycle. (0.25 mg EOD - I’m guessing that means every other day? -). But A lot of people recommend Arimidex use only if You’re presenting symptoms.

Wondering if there’s a consensus, general guideline, or if it’s just a split opinion.

Thanks. Excited about starting soon.

I won’t say someone’s opinion is wrong but yes much of that post is against the general forum consensus these days in both AI use and option drugs. I mean Tren Enth as an optional secondary on the first cycle… WTF…

Lol, we are almost same age, and same cycle partly, i have more gear and compounds…why you do pct???just start trt and all your problems solved…
I planning to blast n cruise few years for yeats ahead :blush: look my post when it got accepted/published.