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Deca/Test Total& Free Levels; Help Needed

I’m 51 and been lifting for 20 years. I’v been taking 200 mg of Enanthate a week for 6 years for hypogonadism,since i didn’t correctly use pct 20 yrs ago. This keeps my total test. at 900 & my free test at 22. I told the doc i don’t like going lower than this. I like to stay in the high normal range.I’m going to run 300 mg of deca & 400 mg of enanthate weekly for 10 weeks.Then i’ll drop down to my 200 mg weekly of enanthate. In the 12th week my endocrinologist will check my blood chemistry, free & total testosterone levels, as he does every 3 months. How would the deca affect those testosterone levels or will it? I always run 400 mg of enanthate weekly for 10 weeks, then drop it down to 200 mg at the 10th week, so by the 12 week when i see the doc i got the levels down to normal again & he never knows.I know deca shuts down the hypothalumus/gonad/axis,but that’s not my concern anymore. since i’am always taking enanthate.

My doc is checking free/total test levels, not nandrolone metabolites.I know deca is decectable 18 months later, if your looking for it’s metabolites. A persons testosterone levels are within range 18 months later, so it’s not the high testosterone that’s decectable but deca in specific. Deca is highly anabolic and low in androgenic values. Deca activates the progesterone receptor and could be called an progestin. In any event, would DECA influence free/total testosterone levels? THANKS FOR THE ADVICE, TOM

Yes, to the best of my knowledge your total levels and free levels will be off the charts. I don’t believe the test in this case is specific enough to differentiate between the difference in steroid hormones - I could be wrong, but I am confident that I am not.