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Deca Test Stack

i have 10ml test cyp 250 and deca 300, not sure if i should stack it or not. also if i do stack it waht doses should i take? any one help?

You don’t have enough for anything. You’ve got some research to do.

10 ml of test and anotehr 10ml of deca 300. i know someone who is taking it and is gaining a ton of weight. lets just say i do take it what would you recomend.

500mg of test and 300mg of deca are decent weekly doses. You just don’t have enough test right now. 20ml of test is needed and then you’d be ok with just 10ml of deca. Mind you this does not leave you a lot of PCT/Stasis taper unless you run an 8 week cycle. Problem is you have rather long esters for an 8 week cycle

this is my first cycle so i wanted to take a shorter cycle and see how my body reacts to it. not looking for insane gains. i also have nolvadex adn HCG

also i have alittle bit of gyno. could take letro before the cycle then nolva after for pct?

No mention of an AI.

With what you have, you’d be at the point of just feeling the test, and it would be time to stop. Your 10 ml would get you to week 5 @ 500mg/week, then you have nothing. No stasis, no taper, no plan for recovery, although at 5 weeks, it would be minimal. Bad idea all around. The deca should be run for at least 10 weeks to reap the benefits. You don’t have enough test to run with the deca. Get more test, or scrap the idea.

Ideally you need to get some more test, some caber, some proviron, nolvadex, arimidex and HCG…

BUUUT… you dont have any of that(and i will assume you have no interest in doing that), so do this:

get some arimidex from a research site, also some nolvadex… these are the bare minimum you need to run a safe cycle.


Wk1-8 Test E 250mg
Wk1-8 Deca 200mg
Wk9-12 Test E 100mg
Wk11 Nolvadex 40mg/d
Wk12 Nolvadex 30mg/d
Wk13 Nolvadex 20mg/d
Wk14 Nolvadex 10mg/d

You will have 8 weeks on the test and deca… this is long enough to get a good 4 weeks of growth from each and as it is your first cycle you can expect anywhere from 10-15lbs of gains.
I have used both compounds in successful cycles over those lengths so it is fine IME.

Then you will use the little remaining test E to bring your body to a stable hormonal state with just 100mg of test a week for 4 weeks… then use the nolvadex you purchased to ‘taper’ and help to re-start your suppressed HPTA.

This IS the best and only option you have for your gear.

good luck.

How old are you? No offense, but you sound like you’re 15.

22 and no offense taken ahah i am horrible at typing. ok thankkkk you that looks and makes sense. the only otehr thing is that i have gyno and wanted to incorporate some letro into my cycle. should i take letro a week before my cycle and run it for 3-4 weeks??

also i noticed you didnt mention HCG in the pct. i do have some. would i begin taking that the same time as nolvadex?

[quote]jman323x wrote:
also i noticed you didnt mention HCG in the pct. i do have some. would i begin taking that the same time as nolvadex?[/quote]

You probably won’t need the HCG with the doses you’ll be taking. Save it for a cycle where your endogenous hormones will be shut down harder and/or longer.

ok thanks for the advise. i appreciate it. Ill save it for a longer cycle wheni have the money to buy enough gear ahaha.