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Deca + Test (?) + Nolva?


Hi! I know this have been discussed thounsands of times BUT im a first timer and a only timer so i want to be sure. Im looking for a small plateau breaker with minimal sides, if that makes sense. Im having a hard time trusting any other source then T-Nation so i ask you who have tried deca and with no to only a small test add.

After research this is what IM thinking.

200 mg deca 10 week

150 mg (?) test 12 weeks

been told about the sides of deca and that a test would be good, but like said id like as little as possible and the absolutely safest choice, which one is that and whats the minimal dose?

and Nolvadex, when to apply and how much???

Thanks and sorry for my noobieness. Hope you guys with experience can help a first timer out :slightly_smiling:

PS: know any good guide for the doing it self?


I'm new at this but I can tell you that this is not good.
Doses are too small, you need more test than deca. Here's an example 500 mg test, 400mg deca.
There's a lot smarter than me, you let someone else answer.


you do not need more test than deca no..

but your doses are very modest..

if this is your first cycle I would not recommend running nandrolone decanoate, I would suggest the phenylproprionate ester

something like 500mg test E, 500mg NPP for 10 weeks with .5mg adex and nolva 40/40/20/20 2-3 weeks after last inejction


Quickest possible which is what you said your looking for

6-8 weeks long cycle
Test Prop 75 mg Daily
Dbol 50mg Daily first 4-6 weeks

PCT with Nolva

have fun.


Why the phenylpropionate ester vs the other? Are you suggesting that because it is the shorter faster acting ester and the user could quickly stop and it will be out faster then if they used the longer ester? Or is there another reason?


that's basically the reason yeah.. make sure you run your AI


You want to arrive at the end of a cycle in GOOD health. There's no shortcut and NOBODY cares about YOUR body as much as you do. Well maybe your mom.

Watch E2.

These are from TRT forum AND are required reading:




And of course if your didn't read this please do:


When finished reading please repeat.


Thanks guys, i have done my research now.

200 mg deca 10 week

230 mg test 12 weeks

PTC: Nolva 40mg for 2 weeks and 20mg for 2 weeks.

Only question is how much i will grow from the test alone? Are we looking at 5-10 lb or 10-20?

stats: 154 lb LBM, 176 cm long.

Im doing eric cresseys maximum strength and will be doing it all thru the cycle with rockclimbing once a week...




w/e man...