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Deca + Test for Knee Injury

Hey guys,

I am considering running a 10 week cycle of 200ml Deca and 200ml Test (with PCT of course)for the reason of repairing the Chondromalacia (runners knee) in my left knee (I also am looking to break some genetic plateaus as well). I am completely frustrated with the various orthopedic experts who frequently throw their hands up at my knee problems and simply inject me with cortisone and send me on my way.

The Cortisone helps and allows me to train, however my knee doesn’t feel 100% and I’ve heard of the muscle wasting effects Cortisone has. I absolutely cannot get my knee comfortable enough to do any pushing leg exercises. This causes my legs to get weaker and make my knee even more vulnerable. At all times the muscles around my knee feel weak, sore and ready to give at any moment. Again, it’s not really the joint that hurts - its the muscles around the joint. They feel weak and unsupportive.

I am 24, 5’,10’’, 175lbs and at about 10% BF. I’ve been training for 5 years. What caused my injury was an Army ruck march (I’ve been in since I was 17). I was simply walking and all of a sudden my knee started burning like hell. Next thing I knew I couldn’t even walk on the damn thing. An MRI revealed the cartilage deterioration.

I’ve never been on a cycle. Do you guys think the Deca and Test will allow my joint inflammation to subside to allow me to build solid and supportive leg muscle?

I really want to get my knee back in shape. I have a ton of hardcore stuff I still want to do in the Army. I have a slot for Ranger school and that’s nothing buy rucking.

My only concerns for cycling:

  1. failing and Army 10 panel piss test
  2. losing my hair

I greatly appreciate it.

Army doesn’t test for roids. At least they didn’t while I was in! Pretty sure its just your standard drug test.