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Deca, Test Ent, Nolva, + PH?


Hey guys, I am getting to start my 3rd cycle. Included in this cycle will be

Deca 250mgs x 10mls, Testosterone Enanthate 250mgs x 10mls, Nolvadex 10mgs x 100caps, and Oxavar by Gaspari. I am gonna run 400mgs of Deca per week, 500mgs of Test, 20mgs of Nolva after my first 2 weeks and the Oxavar stuff I'm gonna take when starting my cycle.<

I'm bulking for an upcomming competition in 5 months, and I will run this cycle for 6 weeks.

I am 22yrs old and I'm 5'10 172LBS.

I included some Oxavar by Gaspari because i got it for a cheap price so I said heck why not throw it inn.

any one have any comments or questions?


What is the length of your cycle and what are the weekly shots? every thrid day?


I'm am also going to run cLOMID AS A pct AT 50-100MGS PER DAY.

From week 1-6 my clcle will be like this: 400mgs of Deca per week,

500mgs of Test,

20mgs of Nolva after my first 2 weeks

The Oxavar by Gaspari I'm gonna take when starting my cycle.

I will run the Clomid 2 weeks post cycle.


I suggest you forget about using deca, the benifits of it's use while on won't be fully realized in six weeks, at those dosages, and of course the verylong half life of the drug will require a equilly long test taper to ensure a successfull pct (that you don't crash).


what If I substituted > Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 20ml x 100mg

taking 300mgs of Nandrolone Phenylpropionate Each week (or 100mgs every 2 days). I know that this is a faster acter ester than that of Deca, should I go with taking this instead, and maybe go with 20mls of test instead os 10mls?


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could you point me in the direction of your test taper protocol. I am working with a specialist right now doing a long taper due to my LONG time on. Its going pretty well actually, mainly i was curious to see how the final parts of the taper pan out, right now i am only taking 200mg per week test cyp from the pharmacy, would you suggest 100 for 4 weeks then 50 for 4 weeks or what? Input is greatly appreciated!!


I'm interested in this also.


me 2


Honestly, I tried oxavar (of course I was 22) and even at a high dosage I didn't notice much of an effectiveness. I just started a halodrol only cycle and I must say this stuff is legit :slight_smile:


I got it for 40$ so I grabbed it. I know of some else who has tried it and he looked hard and a little vascular.

So would it be better for me to take 300mgs of Nandrolone Phenylpropionate Each week (or 100mgs every 2 days), instead of Deca?


Ok I have also just ordered a bottle of DBOL (Methandrostenolone) 100 x 10mg/cap with this stack so my stack is:

NOLVA10 (Tamoxifen)100 x 10mg/cap

Nandrolne Decanoate (Deca)10ml x 250mg/ml

Testosterone Enanthate 20ml x 250mg/ml

Clomid 50 caps x 25mgs

and the Oxavar...

I' will keep everyone posted every 2 weeks!


ite guys!
was wondering if some could help me im looking to go on steroids prefablly deca duroblin coz i being told its the most effective and also the least side effects.

wat i dont knw is how much of the stuff i should take or if i should take it with something else through a cycle.

im 21yrs old 5'9 and 10 stones

recently started bench pressing but as embarssin it is only lifting 40kg

could do with some advice


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hahahaha. Very appropriate. I fail to understand all these non-midgets who are well under 200 lbs starting to use steroids.



Try training and proper nutrition before you start hammering the AAS. You've only recently started training, but you seem to think that AAS is a short cut to achieve your goals. AAS are [u]NOT[/u] a short cut. Use T-Nation to research your diet and training methods, and when you have exhausted all your genetic potential perhaps then you'll need to look to AAS. But then again perhaps you wont.

Train smart!




was wondering if some1 could giv me some advice

looking 2 start my first cycle

week 1--8 200mg deca 1 shot a week




ITE guys im about 2 start my 1st cycle

week 1--8 200mg deca 1 shot a week

i was wondering should i be taking test with this or not????


Dude, that's pathetic. But steroids won't improve it. You need to follow a good training schedule and EAT MUTAFUCKA!! EAAT!!!!!!

Steroids are like really good supplements. (Yea, I KNOW I am assuming since I haven't used any myself) Sure they help you out but that's only if your body has good nutrition and great training.

With the money you spend on that shit, you can get yourself some meat. Lots and lots of meat.

Oh and don't forget to eat your veggies. Veggies are important too. Lots and losts of veggies.

Be big = Lift big + Eat big.

Don't waste money on useless shit, steroids aren't magical.


Alright Sol. I'm getting the impression that you're going to take this anyway.

You can stack deca with just about anything. Since deca has quite a long lifespan stacking it with a long acting test would make sense. I'd use cyp or enan test at 500mg since you are a beginner. Remember that deca can act as a progestin, and if you're prone to gyno, it may be an idea to add winny to the equation. Then all you'll have to do is consider your PCT.

I still think you are making a big mistake by using AAS at the moment. The fact that you can only bench 40kg speaks volumes. Give your body time to adjust to a hard training regime. You can't expect to be benching 180kg on your first day. Everyone in the gym has been in the same position as you. We all had to start somewhere! And work at your diet. The gains that can be made by fine-tuning your diet are amazing (probably more than you'll gain fro this first cycle of AAS).

I wish you luck bro,