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Deca/Test Enanthate

i have a few questions … ive done some researching and would like to ask in comparison with trenbolone acetate … how would you rate the suppression of test. with deca(more so the effect of erection size and strength than HPTA) … secondly, weighing 180 lbs would a dosage of 400 mgs deca weekly and 250 mgs test enan. on mondays and thursdays be sufficient … i did a 6 week cycle of tren and prop. and gained 20 lbs and overcame the sexual sides after a few days of clomid and some additional basic boosters while keeping 15 lbs …

would ten weeks be plausible for my planned cycle of deca/test? i plan on using the same type pct but i am having trouble finding a progestin blocker because i have heard rumors of anti-progestins and would prefer an oral blocker and not something like winstrol if anybody were to recommend that … thank you for any help given in the future and if there is any additional information needed by anybody planning on helping out i would be glad to supply that …


I like a deca/test stack. as for the 10 weeks, i think it’s too short. It take your body awhile to adjust to the new size and strength gains. I think at a minimum a cycle should be around 14 weeks, if not 4 months. This allows your body to accept your new gains as permanent. I think that is why many people loose their gains soon after a short cycle. there body hasn’t accepted the new gains as permanent yet.

my 2 cents,