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Deca/Test E/ Whinny

OK guys need some help.

3rd cycle
25 years old
Started at 5’10" 180… yea depressing i know (got a girlfriend new job started drinking etc.)

ok so im already 4 week in and im up 20 lbs with the most strength gains ive ever gotten on a cycle.
first week i front loaded the deca and test (controversial i know)
week 2-7 400mg deca, 600mg test e
i know you typically shouldnt run deca less than 8 weeks because it usually doesnt really take effect will weeks 4-6 due to the half.
However i was thinking of running the deca through week 7 and starting 600mg test e and 50mg-75mg stanazol ED for weeks 7-12.

What are yalls thoughts on this?

run the full course of deca, don’t run winny

why would you run winny?

More test, forget winny and orals.