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Deca/Test E Cycle

Thoughts on running a 20 week cycle-
Test E- 250mg/week
Deca- 250mg/week

I know general test should be run at a higher dose, but from discussing this with some, they suggest Deca at this dose can be taken with an equal dose of test.

You’re rolling the dice on the deca. I had a bad experience with ED issues that still plague me over a year later. I was only taking 200mg/wk. Its a great mass builder and I had solid muscular gains even on that low dose.

Your test dose is slightly higher than TRT. If it were me I would go higher, like at least 350-400mg/wk, but its your body and your call.

Ok, here’s the cycle plan thus far:

Test E- 350mg/week Pin 175mg Sunday and Wednesday.

Deca- 250mg/week pin 125mg Sunday and Wednesday (administer with the test)

14 weeks on the test, Deca will run through week 12.

PCT- Clomid will start 14 days after last test injection. 50mg a day for two weeks, than 25mg a day for two weeks.

I do have 1mg Arimidex tabs on hand, but was not planning on taking them EOD. (Just as needed?)

Looks proper to me. I wouldn’t use the Adex at all if it were me. Keep them handy, good to have, but not necessary unless symptoms manifest. Your T dose is low enough I don’t expect that but everybody is different.