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Deca & Test E Cycle Revisited


Some of you may have taken a look at my other thread concerning a proposed Deca + Testosterone Enanthate cycle for the purpose of treating an autoimmune disorder. I won't go into the specifics again, except to say that the goal of this cycle is not strength or muscle gain, so please resist the urge to comment on the low dosages. The original thread can be found here: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/therapeutic_deca_test_e_cycle_help

At any rate, I've done a lot more research and been putting a lot more thought into that cycle, and after seeing numerous references to the potential side-effects of Clomid, I've decided to go a different route. I'll be doing Arimidex during the cycle to control estrogen, HCG to maintain testicular function, cabergoline to reduce Deca-induced prolactin, and Nolvadex for PCT.

The exact cycle I plan to run is the following:


Week 1-10: Deca ~350mg / wk ( 200mg E4D)
Week 1-12: Test E ~150mg / wk ( 85mg E4D)
Week 1-12: HCG 875mg / wk ( 250mg E2D)
Week 1-14: Arimidex 1.75mg / wk (0.25mg ED) (Taper in last two weeks)
Week 1-14: Caber 0.875mg / wk (0.50mg E4D) (Taper in last two weeks)


Week 15: Nolva 40mg ED
Week 16-18: Nolva 20mg ED

Where I could use help is in figuring out what to do in the "off" weeks between the last dose of testosterone and the first dose of Nolvadex. I decided to run Arimidex for an additional two weeks and taper down as testosterone levels drop, but I'm not sure how much to taper or if that's even necessary. I also decided to run the cabergoline for an additional four weeks after Deca cessation, but I'm not sure how best to taper that either.

Finally, how about my HCG dosage? I've read everything from 250mg E2D on the TRT thread, to 250mg E4D on the Newbie Cycle Planning thread. I was going to split the difference with E3D, but A) I hate to do things haphazardly like that, and B) I prefer an E2D or E4D dosing schedule to coincide with everything else I'll be taking.

So, I guess these are my questions:

1) How to handle getting off the Arimidex (when and if/how to taper)
2) How to handle getting off the Dostinex (when and if/how to taper)
3) How does my HCG dosing schedule look? Do I need to worry about negatively influencing LH receptors in the testes?

Of course, please feel free to comment on anything else that piques your interest.

Thanks for reading.

(Edited for the purpose of rewriting history.)


Chris, I like to dose hCG at 100mg ED. I think 250 E2D is absolutely fine, and I would recommend it. Regarding the Adex tapering, do you have a liquid suspension, or pills?


Thanks for responding, man. As to the Arimidex, that's a decision I've yet to make. I'm waiting for my main compounds to come in before I blow any money on the ancillaries, which seem to be readily available. But, yeah, if I decide to try something like 0.2mg ED, then it's going to be tough to split a 1mg pill into five equal pieces, so the liquid might be my only choice. Blech.