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Deca / Test E Blast and Cruise

Looking for advise and opinions as to the blast and cruise method. I have looked into it quite a bit but not too sure about it do to the deca & test e long half life, seems the blast and cruise might be better suited for short half life anabolics.
currently @
19 weeks deca 300mg a week
19 weeks test e 300mg first 10 weeks , bumped to 400mg a week last 9 weeks
11 weeks winstrol 25 mg ed
.75 mg letro e3d
500 iu hcg e3d cycled 2 weeks on 2 weeks off

I started this cycle @ 226 lb 24% bf and currently @ 238 lb 20% bf. I am 6’ 1" and 34. Sleep pattern has been getting better and fatigue is not as bad as i back off when needed.The size has really started to show the last 6 weeks and gains are still there but strength has hit a plateau. I really dont see any reason as to start pct now for 4 weeks as i plan on starting another cycle in 4-6 weeks.
I was looking at cruising for 4 weeks with the following and then returning to the above
deca 150mg weekly
test 200mg weekly
.75 mg letro e3d , maybe less
500 iu hcg e3d

those dosages are really a waste to cruise on, bump up to 500-750mg of test year round
if your gonna shut yourself down, and put your own testosterone down year round, go all out don’t half ass it.
200mg of test is very small dosage man not much of replace or anything big waste

go something like this I PERSONALLY HAVE had much success with
test e cruise 500mg-1000mg/week

then when you cycle just add other compounds
good cruise for deca, and test, if you want to keep deca around is
500mg test e
500mg deca

and if you really want to keep test e and deca as your only options go something like this
test 500mg
deca 500mg

blast 1
test 1000mg
deca 1000mg
for 10 weeks

id recommend adding in an oral for blast makes it much stronger, and also another compound say something like this
blast option 2
test e 1000mg
deca 500mg
dbol or anadrol 50-100mg/day

let me know compounds your running and i can right a very effective blast and cruise cycle fo ryou

I disagree. Hematocrit levels can get too high staying on supraphysiological doses all the time. And nandrolone isn’t something I would suggest people use year round.

OP, I blast and cruise

Generally I keep cruises pretty short, although I probably shouldn’t. You want to go down to a medical dose sometimes, IMO… just to let everything return to homeostasis.
If I use short esters I usually go off for about 4-6 weeks and cruise at 250mg test cyp
If I use long esters I cruise for 6-8 weeks at 250mg test only
You can drop hcg to 250iu E3D and keep that year round.

I don’t really see a point in cruising for 4 weeks with deca and test E… it just sounds like a way to send your levels on a roller coaster to me.

A normal blast for me is about 10-14 weeks and looks like:
1000mg cyp
400-800mg of another compound (tren, EQ, whatever)
and an oral for the last 4-6 weeks.

Right now I am going with a more conservative blast though at 600 deca, 250 test cyp

If you get additional gains from the high doses the guy above me is suggesting be my guest, but over the past few blasts and cruises I have noticed I feel better on less shit.