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Deca/Test/Dbol PCT Help


Hey guys,

I just got done running my second cycle which consisted of 16 weeks deca/test cyp with dbol the first six weeks.

I want to run a PCT to try and keep everything working properly and healthy but not sure how to properly dose or proper schedule to follow. I have 100mg clomid tabs and 5000iu HCG to work with.

Any input and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Post in TRT forum that might help


The question definitely belongs here because it has nothing to do with TRT.


Any suggestions? Anyone?

I was thinking 1000IU HCG EOD for 10 days then clomid @50mg ED for 2 weeks then 25mg ED for a week or two.


My bad but I saw restart sticky by Ksman under TRT forum