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Deca/Test Cycle

I’m 44 years old, 5’9" and currently 185 lbs and fairly lean. I’ve lost weight and size recently due to injuries (partial tear to rotator cuff last October and sore forearms etc.). I thought I would do a cycle including deca as it may help with some of my sore tendons.

What I need help with is in regards to dosages. My thinking is to do the following protocol:

weeks 1-5:
deca: 300 or 450 mg per week
cypionate/enanthate: 300 or 450 mg. per week
d-bol: 30 mg. per day

weeks 6-10:
deca: 300 or 450 mg. week
propionate: 300 or 450 mg. per week
trenbolone: 75 mg. EOD

I use nolva all during the cycle and chlomid when coming off. I would appreciate some input with regards to the deca/test dosages.

All the best,


Bro, it doesn’t make sense to finish off your cycle with short acting esters like prop and acetate while simultaneously running a decanoate. A better idea would be to switch to prop and acetate AFTER your last shot of deca and test cyp.
Run the cyp for 10 weeks at 450mg.
Run the deca for 9 weeks at 450mg.
Run the dianabol for week1,3-5,and week 11 at 30mg/d.
20mg nolvadex/d throughout cycle and have letrozole on hand. That’s my .02


MK just laid out a really good cycle for you. The only thing I would add is a double dose of both your test and deca for 2 weeks to start you off with a good front load.
The only thing I go against a little is the nolva ed. If you can get letro or arimidex, use one of those at the lowest dose possible starting week 3 all the way till you start pct. PCT is where I would say to jump on the Nolva/Clomid.

Thanks for the advice guys. I really love this site. Due to availability, I think I will use enanthate as opposed to cyp and I will use arimidex as opposed to nolva.

Should I still use nolva/chlomid pct? And if so, what is the best protocol?

Also, it appears that a product like Spike should not be used in conjunction with MAO inhibitors which anti-estrogen drugs are. Any comments?

Thanks again,


Wow dude shows my ignorance about anti-e’s. I used Spike for a little when was on and it kicked butt. I only used nolva spuradically during the cycle to ward off thoughts of itchy nipples. Either way I didn’t notice any thing negative but, like I said I used hardly any anti-e’s while On.

But to your other question yes you need Nolva or Clomid for PCT. Both if you can afford it.

Start Nolva at 100mg ed for 3 days and tapper down every three or 4 days till you get down to 20mg ed and keep it at that for a few weeks. Start this 4 weeks after your last shot of deca.
Or 300mg of Clomid ed for 3-4 days and tapper down as above, down to 50mg ed.
If you get both use half of each of what I said above together.
My thoughts.