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Deca/Test Cycle. PCT & AI Advice?

Hi All,

Please let me know if my cycle below:

Week 1-10
480mg of Test E per week =
240mg Test E x2 a week = Using Test300 and will draw out 4/5 of a ml)
300mg of Deca x1 a week = I am going to order a 10ml bottle of Deca 300 - so 10weeks finishes perfectly.

Week 11-12
240mg Test E x2 a week = 480mg of Test (Using Test300 and will draw out 4/5 of a ml)

Week 13-14 - Off cycle

Option 1: Clomid: 50 tabs of 30mg
4 Weeks: Clomid 75/50/50/50

Option 2: Nolva - 50 tabs of 20mg

3 Weeks:
Week 15-16: - 40mg Nolvadex per day
Week 17: 20mg per day

I am not sure what to get.
Is 50 tabs of 1mg enough? Was told to run 0.5mg everyday whilst on cycle for 14 weeks = 98 days

Test 300 is going to give you some PIP. Be prepared. Split both injections so each is 2x per week pinned in same barrel. Wait at least three weeks before PCT not two. Nolva 40/40/20/20 or Clomid 50/50/25/25 but not both. If AI is needed start with .25mg Arimadex with each injection and increase as necessary, but absolutely do not take Arimadex at the dosage you suggested.

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Thank you for the reply. Especially with regards to the arimadex. Unfortunately I was never able to find it before from my previous place.

Would Test250 be better than Test300 but at 10 weeks? - Only want to buy 2 bottles Vs 3 & have more than half left.

Additionally any recommendations re nolva Vs clomid?

The lower the concentration the more injection friendly its going to be. I’ve never used more than Test 250 and been ok. Test 300 and Test 400 usually end in frequent complaints. Not the end of the world, just a forwarning it may hurt.

You’ll see time and time again that Nolva is quoted as the better option. Admittedly I’m no longer a PCT guy but when I did I used Clomid with no issues. Given the choice I would go with Nolva knowing what I know now. It has less side effects and less severe ones.

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Thank you blshaw!

I’m considering dropping the deca and rubbing a test only cycle at 500mg a week for 10 weeks. The test only cycles used to work really well & limited side effects.

What would you recommend?
Additionally do I need to run amex if I’m not injecting deca?

Test only is a great cycle but will not be near as rewarding as combining it with Deca. The caveat is some people can’t handle deca even in small doses (including myself). It gives me mental sides and ED as with a lot of other men. If you are one of the guys that can handle it the mass you will put on will be hands down better than solo test.

As far as the AI goes you would base that mostly off your Test dose and not so much off the Deca. Deca only aromatizes at a fifth the rate of testosterone so its not doing much in the way of E2.

Thank you fro all your advise! Really appreciate it.

Decided to do a test only cycle - after my cycle last year I really suffered on the side effects. Test always been great for me.

Will get my bloods done tomorrow and place my order tonight.

With the HCG I have been reading different threads - some say to start it in Week 4 as it is not advisable to run it for the full 10 weeks.
In the 2 weeks I am off Test to taper should it be run then too? Its the 1 thing I am never 100% sure on as there seems to be conflicting trains of thoughts.

Old school one being just run it after the cycle but I do understand during cycle is better - prevention is better than cure.

HCG is a personal choice. You just DO NOT want to run it while taking your serm/PCT. So you could run it the whole cycle, last half, or just the couple weeks in between your PCT. I would increase your off period to three weeks for adequate clearance of the test and then run the HCG during that period. Something like 300iu 3x a week or 500iu 2x a week. Don’t go crazy on the HCG.

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This is what I would do if I was going to run a PCT. Lower chance of E2 issues than running all along. Agree 3 weeks wait is better than 2. I would probably go with 4-500 iu EOD to really get the balls going (just me though).