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Deca/Test Cycle Info Please


I've recently posted a request for info regarding stacking tren and test, and recieved a lot of really good feedback. Unfortunatly things haven't quite gone as planned and the tren is unavailable. But I did however get ahold of some deca.

I've never used deca or test before (only tren and d-bol), and just wanted to see if anyone had any important information about a cycle stacking these 2. Everything I've read up on says its a good combo cause the test helps reduce side effects of the deca but any info will be greatly appreciated. Such as side effects (reproductive, long run etc.)

What gains I can expect, and dosages. I'm getting enough for a moderate 10 week cycle of both, and I'm wondering if I should do all ten weeks at once or break it up into 2 five week cycles, with a few off months off in between of course. Once again pct is not an issue because I have a more than sufficient supply. Any feed back is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I'am currently finishing a similar cycle. Using sustanon 250 and deca, I would only do an 80-week cycle and use the other 4ml to front load this one. But that's just me and I don't know shit. I went from 214 at 14%bf to 226 at 9%bf and still have 3 weeks to go on mine. strength gains are crazy, but I think a lot of it is in your head. Anyways hope that helps!


I reaaaaally hope you meant 8 weeks. Good lord, just think of an 80 week cycle, lol.


c/j, let us know how much you are getting and we will be able to tell you what you really have enough for.
Depending on where you are getting it from it could be horribly under dosed. Your source could just be telling you all you need is 1cc of each per week and could be setting you up for failure.

As stated earlier, make sure you front load the deca and possibly the test depending on it's ester.

My first injectable cycle was test/deca. I did great until I ended it and had to work 3 weeks of doubles at my job and lost all of my gains to over working and under eating. Make sure you set yourself up for success with proper dosing, eating, and the pct(you said you have it but post it any way).


Thanks a lot for all the help fellas. I'll be getting the test and deca in a couple weeks here, and I'll try to find out all the exact figures as soon as possible (kind of pct, milligrams deca/test etc). My source is a good friend of mine who has about 2 years more experience than me on these issues, but he says he's going to set me up good.

I'll find out all the exacts firsthand though and let you know. Check back with this thread if you get a chance. I'm going to dedicate a lot to this cycle, and hopefully I'll get the most of it! Check you later. Thanks again.


I reaaaaally hope you meant 8 weeks. Good lord, just think of an 80 week cycle, lol.

Yeah I did mean 8 instead of 80. And, also I am getting some decent results taking only 1cc of each a week. I do split it up into 2 injections a week though.


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I have been on many cycles but am limited now to what my DR gives me (deca and test) I am taking 400mg of test and 200mg of deca. What is the max of deca a week that one can take? I have been on it medically for a while but I liked the results I had when I was on it with 2x-3x a week Equipoise as well.
Is it better to split the testosterone into 2x a week injections @200mg/ml or 200mg/ml of deca? I appreciate the info. Thanx


i'm also thinking of doing something like it. 500mg test + 400mg deca for 12 weeks
What results can I expect and should I add d-bol 50mg a day? if yes will it work better at the beginning of the cycle or after 4 weeks.
My source is charging me $1000 for this cycle. is that a fair price or should look for another source?




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