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Deca/Test Advice

A friend of mine is starting his first cycle for athletic reasons. He is 6’2’’ 185 with low bodyfat. The cycle is going to include decca (i know about the long positive tests ect) and test(keep libido and get a little more gains). I have seen lots of people say different things about the ester halflifes of different tests, and if possible he would like a single weekly injection of test. What type would you go with?

As far as the cycle itself i am modeling after ones i have seen on here (please give advice).
wk1-3:Decca 2cc (once a week)
wk4-6:Decca 1cc test 1/2cc(once per week)
wk7-8:1/2cc test(once per week)
*Nolvadex throughout the cycle and nolvadex for pct.(Start pct 1 week after last shot?)

If you could help me with this i would appreciate it. I dont really understand the mg dosing as i do the cc’s, so if you used cc’s that would be a great help. Finally any words of advice or predictions of weight gain or strength gain?
Thanks in advance

Update: the cyle finally started and here are some prelim results.

cycle has gone this far as of now:
W1:deca 500mgs
w2:deca 400mgs

the test has yet to start and already there has been a 14 lb weight increase. A pound a day! Strength on bench went from 225 x 4 to 275 x 4. These results seem phenominal but maybe its just me.

w3(soon to come)-6: deca 400/test-e 350/nolva 10mg eod
w7-9:test-e 350/nolva 10 eod

Hard to believe someone could gain 14 lbs and increase their bench by 50 lbs in 2 weeks off of deca alone. The decanoate ester is very slow acting and even if a different (faster acting) ester is used, nandrolone alone is not usually that strong. Gains are generally gradual.

#2) Why 500mgs week one and 400mgs week two?
and what is the strength of deca per ml?

I am not trying to be a jerk but your posts seem odd to me.

Even if you said your friend used test E with the deca the first two weeks, those results would still be hard to believe.

Enanthate is also rather slow acting.

my posts should seem odd since i learned what i know about aas on this board in the past 6 months. I know about the long esters ect but there are some people who have the genetics to get bigger than others. If that isnt it, it could be(im not really sure) that he trains in the gym ~ 5 times a week plus jj and muay thai ~ 13 hours a week. If anyone has better explainations let me know.
-500mg frontload bc if the frontload were any bigger than one would need more than 10ml and the cycle would be much more expensive.
-The nandolone is BD 250mg/cc and the test-e is BD 250mg/cc

-week 3 is finished and he has gained 18 pounds.

I dont know what to say. I am even more astonished hearing how much training he does on a given week. Mixing in the martial arts makes it even harder to gain that kind of weight and to gain that much strength.

The first two weeks should have produced minimal results at least as far as the deca having impact is concerned.
Genetics do play a huge role, but the drug has to get into the system to work. Like I said before deca is slow to release.
Hearing these kind of results for the first two weeks with something like dianabol would not have suprised me in the least bit because it gets in the system that day.

Was your friend weight training before the cycle?

I agree with you totally i was expecting 18-20 lbs total… definatly not in week 3. He has been weight training about 4 years now. He should be chimming in soon with more specific data aswell