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Deca//Test 400//Anavar//Winny


25 235 11% BF lifting 7 years diet and rest in check.

1-5 test 400mg/week
5-10 test 600mg/week
10-15 test 800mg/week
15-20 test 400mg/week
1-5 Anavar 60mg ED (oral)
1-20 Deca 300 mg/week
15-20 Winny 50mg ED (oral)


1-20 arimidex .25mg eod
Clomid 100//80//60//40@ week 22

Any advice or changes would be nice to hear.


why are you pyramiding your test doses?... that's an old method that isn't as effective, it's just going to take a hell of a long time to reach peak levels. If you want to run test E at 800mg/wk, you should frontload with 1200mg the first week, and then take 800mg every week after that.

also are you on TRT? or are you always on? the reason I ask is because 20 weeks of Deca seems like a lot to recover from.


No TRT and im not always on this will be in the fall after a good 6 months off..
that was susposed to be deca 10-20... my bad
week one test 1200mg
2-15 800
16-20 400

hows that look


There is no need to change the dose of test.

Frontload it.

And what's the point of a 20 week cycle? Why even come off at that point? THe whole point of cycling is to give your body a good chance of recovering. You are running a cycle more than double the amount of time I'd recommend. THere is simply no need for guys who wish to maintain natural function of their HPTA to run such long 'cycles'. You may as well begin a blast and cruise phase if youre comfortable with 20 week cycles.

If you cant gain 20 pounds on 750mg test 400mg deca AND var AND winstrol over 8 weeks, something is wrong. For this reason Id also recommend nandrolone phenylprop instead of decanoate. Long esters simply arent conducive for cycling.