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Deca Susts Real or Fake

i bought couture labs deca 300 and susts 250. i started my cycle about 3 weeks ago. every time i use gear i can go to the gym and stay there all day but for some reason when i tried doin that during this cyle i would come home and be sore for 3-4 days after. so i was wondering if this stuff was legit. any one thats used couture labs let me no. any imput will be good.

I am still kind of curious why you spend the whole day at the gym? -BC

its only a figure of speech but i spend a good 2-3 hours in the gym while on

Agreed that 2-3 hours is a quite a long time. Regardless, can I get some people to chime in and agree that both compounds are long ester products. In the 3rd week you should JUST NOW be feeling something. And the real magic isn’t going to start until week 5-6.

I’ve haven’t used the Couture sust or deca but I have used the enan recently and it’s good. Give it another two weeks. I routinely hear people say that they start to feel it at week five.

I’ve used Couture Labs extensively for quite some time now. In fact, I’ve used a rather ample variety of their products. I’ve never been let down. You should consider cutting down the time you spend at the gym (although something tells me that 2-3 hours spent at the gym probably involve a lot of BS’ing around) and checking the amount of protein/calories you take in.