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Deca/Sustanon Cycle

I was thinking of doing a deca/sustanon cycle. Im 30 years old, work 12 hour shifts 6 days a week in Kuwait. Wake up at 5am, work from 7am to 745pm, gym at 9pm bed around 1030. Diet is straight, cheat day on Sunday. I’m primarily thinking of doing this stack simply because I need a boost. Long hours 6 days a week in this heat is draining so I’m losing energy in the gym. I was looking for recommendations or advice on the route i plan on going which is this.
Every 3 weeks 100ml of sustanon 250.
Every 2 weeks 100ml of deca.

I chose that because of their half lifes and again this is simply just for a energy boost.

Also will i need a pct while/after this cycle? I plan on doing a 12 week cycle and the only thing i can get my hands on is nolvadex.

I think you have you math wrong here. Are you really taking 100ml (i.e. Ten, 10ml bottles of sust in three weeks)?

Please reword what you take in a more conventional way so we can all start on the same page.

Something like:
500mg /wk of xyz compound
1ml of Sust 250 2x/wk

At the moment it reads like you’re taking 8333mg of Test per week Which I hope for the love of all that is holy you’re not.

As far as PCT goes; yes you’ll want to do a pct and Nolva is all you should need.
Three weeks (I don’t have access to a half-life calculator atm so maybe someone else can check my math here) after your last pin start the Nolva at 40mg/day for 2 weeks followed by 20 more weeks at 20mg/day…40/40/20/20.

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Sorry yes i meant 1ml of sustanon every 3 weeks and 1ml of deca every 2 weeks.

Ok…at least we’re getting somewhere now.
Can we assume this will be your first cycle? Your stated goals really don’t call for the introduction of AAS to be perfectly honest with you. If you’re looking ‘for a boost’ in the gym and having energy to complete your workouts I would suggest a decent pre-workout combined with a decent intra-workout beverage (e.g. plazma) or even a decent preworkout meal of easily digestible protein and simple carbs.
Have you considered this route instead of drugs (especially considering the view of them in the region of the world you’re currently in)?

Who told you this was even a remotely good idea? Because this is a very bad idea.

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Are you near the oxygen gym? That’s like the world capital of juice gyms. Go train there for a while youl get big.

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I’ve tried all sorts of pre workouts and none of them work. I have low t so i have done sustanon 250 before 1ml every 2 weeks with good results. However with shoulder and knee injuries the sus just doesn’t do enough. I’ve read the benefits of deca on the joints and strength which is why i started looking into stacking those 2.
And they actually sell deca and sustanon here at the pharmacy which is why i have thought if including deca 1ml every 2 weeks.

Why is this a bad idea?

A lot of guys report improved joint conditions from Deca use so it makes sense as to why you’re considering it. Personally I would be hesitant to run it simply because of all the horror stories we hear here from users reporting severe inability to recover sexual health post Deca use. You’ll have to determine for yourself if the benefits outweigh the risks.

As far as the Test goes I would suggest Test C or E over Sust because the half-life math is easier and therefore dosing schedules are simple for a first timer.

I would recommend somewhere between 300-500mg per wk in 2 equal doses.

Because this:

See those huge peaks? Those are injection day every three weeks. See those hilariously massive troughs? That’s what happens immediately after. You will be significantly worse off doing this than you are right now. You’re practically begging for a miserable three months so that you can add very little (if any) strength and muscle. You’re basically saying “I feel like I’m run down, so how can I amplify that bad feeling and turn it up to 11?”.

Unfortunately they dont have the test e or c here. I’ve been able to get sustanon 250 and they have deca but i haven’t found the other 2. Sustanon wasn’t bad as far as the scheduling.
I legit just take it because of the extra energy and cuz my test levels were low so I’d do it once every 2 weeks the 1st month then every 3 weeks after. If i was back home and getting proper rest i probably wouldn’t even need it. But working 6 days a week 12 hour shifts really put a stop to my progress. Going to bed at 1030/11 and getting up at 430 isn’t enough time for my body to heal after a 12 hour day and a hour long workout.
I was under the impression that mody guys were having problems with deca because they were taking such high doses twice a week. I’m only wanting to do 1 dose every 2 weeks.

This is with deca or with sustanon/test? And if this is the case what would you recommend? Because I’ve tried everything from pre workouts, coffee, 1 test. The sustanon helps but since my work load is changed i feel like i need more of a boost now.

That’s for the sustanon. And I recommend you either stop taking it or you start taking it in a way that it’s actually beneficial to you. Because what you’re doing now is absolutely not good. You’re on a program that inevitably leads to long periods of low testosterone, which is sort of the opposite of what you want to achieve when you’re literally taking testosterone. You’re on what amounts to a trt program written by a high school dropout who got a job as a doctor in some frontier country.

Testosterone (E, C, P, or Sust) is not the type of drug that you should take the way you’re currently doing it. You’re really throwing your body for a loop with the on and off again nature of your protocol. If you switched to 2x/wk injections I suspect you’ll be much happier with the results.

So iron and yubs being that 2 times a week would be more beneficial would that be 2ml a week or .5ml twice a week say on sunday and Wednesday. Should i try that and leave the deca alone. Or could i do that and do 1 dose of deca every 2 weeks as well?

do a Sustanon 2x per week cycle

it barely improves strength endurance and muscle mass. all these things takes serious time to build. i think at least this amount would worth the shut down and the risks

those guys you see huge are using huge amount of juice :slight_smile:

i am about to complete sustanon cycle and it is also sold in pharmacy in Turkey

sustanon is sold as 1ml per bottle so you would be injecting 2ml per week

No it barely improved strength and muscle mass for YOU because your diet continued to be garbage after numerous people told you to fix it. This also makes me question your training because I know plenty of people who make massive gains of testosterone only cycles as reasonable doses.

Please don’t speak factually about gear because you didn’t have a amazing cycle. You don’t need huge doses to get big. This is misinformation. It’s fine for you to express how your cycle went but to speak on it as something that is facts and everyone will experience the same is not cool

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So this was me last week. Training and dieting isn’t hard for me. I’ve studied personal training and nutrition, i will say that I do not get into macro counting. I just eat a balanced diet or carbs, proteins and fats. I don’t do protein shakes, extra bcaas etc.
When i took sustanon on the regular i was slightly bigger but the energy level was right where i wanted to be. I slept great and when i woke up for work i could function for most of my shift as well as make my gym routine.

IMO 1ml twice a week. But plz dont use the terms ml when referring to dose. Just say 250mg twice a week. Or whatever mg per ml the gear is dosed at.

Oh and sweet fanny pack bro!

Thanks. So next question. Being that i plan on doing 12 weeks. For the 1st month would it be beat to do 2 sticks twice a week. 2nd month do 1 stick once a week then the 3rd month 1 stick every 2 weeks while starting on nolvadex? I thought of doing it this way because at the end of july i will be taking vacation and wont have access to the sustanon for 2 to 4 weeks.