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Deca/Sustanon Cycle & Anti-Estrogen!


Hi, im doing a sus and deca cycle and iv been on it for about 3 weeks so far and noticing amazing gains. I started with 300mg deca and 250mg sus for 2 weeks with a shot usually on every thursday. This week (week 3) i did a 300/250mg shot wensday and today(saturday) i did a 150mg deca and 250mg sus so thats a total of 450mg deca and 500mg of sus for week 3! I got some more deca and sus comming in to finish my cycle probably going to last 11 to 12 weeks but anyways i was also woundering about estrogen and recovering from the cycle. I heard Clomid is excellent for bringing your test levels back to normal and blocking estrogen. The dosage on that says take clomid after a week of your last roid shot and then do 50mgs of it per day for 2 weeks. BUT! The place i get my gear from is cheap but shipping cost sux so i was woundering about that stuff M (the anti-estrogen) that you can order off this site. Does that stuff work and will it help block estrogen after my deca/sus cycle and let my test levels turn to normal? Im pretty tight on cash at the moment and i was woundering if taking the correct dosage of M would be enough by itself too keep me from getting gyno or any estrogen side effects.



many, many, many times before people have said that you should never start your cycle until everything that you could possibly need is at your disposal........

after 12 weeks on sust/deca you should not be asking if 'this M stuff' would be enough to stay clear of gyno and help your natural T levels to recover.

asking this questions could indicates following :
1. You have been told pile of shit and believed someone who you should not have believed.

  1. you have been told pile of shit and failed to utilise god's given ability to use your grey matter, located in your cranium(read - your brain)

  2. you have been told pile of shit, believed someone you shouldn't have, failed to utilise your god's given ability to use your grey mater and think that this is a kindergarten and people who do serious AAS cycles do them on M - Tribex and Calcium Glutamate

.......there are few more options,i'm sure someone will pitch in, but i would strongly urge to read on AAS halflife, Anti E's and all in between

hope your cycle doesn't end in 2 weeks due to the shortage of the gear or due to your tits growing to 34 DD size.....

read on dude



I mean i can get Clomid i just would like to buy something cheaper if it works better or the same. But im probably going to get the clomid.. My breast growing to a 34 dd??? why you say that? I got 2 bottles comming in next week both 10cc of deca and sus and i got about 6 shots left in each bottle i got now.


whatchew talkin' bout willis!!!????

you....should...not.....be.....using....AAS. being ignorant is a surefire way to fuck your body up when dealing with powerful stuff like steroids. but since you have already dove in.........some advice.

  • never evvvvvvveeeeerrrr start a cycle without all your gear, anti-e's and pct ancillaries.

  • your dosing sucks. first off, you are ramping it up. either frontload, or stick with the same dosage from week 1 to the end. simple. secondly, you took 2 shots this week, but the amounts injected were totally different.....ever heard of keeping stable blood levels?

  • on the topic of blood levels.....you really should shoot sust EOD to keep them stable, but since you are obviously a newbie, that probably wont happen. i'd suggest taking 1cc of sust and 1cc of deca every monday and thursday.

  • 11 or 12 weeks? much too long, especially if this is your first. the longer test esters in sust and the deca have pretty similar half-lives....so if you stop on week 12, you won't be ready for PCT until week 16 or 17. i'd say cut your cycle off at 8 weeks.

  • about pct....where is yours? oh yeah thats right...you don't have one planned!!! forget the idea of using M...this is a steroid cycle....which means clomid or nolvadex. end of story. you should also get some TRIBEX and ZMA to support your PCT

  • oh yeah...whoever said to start your PCT 1 week after your last shot is a fucking moron. maybe if you were running test phenylprop or something like that.....but you are running some AAS with the longest half-lives around. wait at least 3 weeks, 4 would be better.

i have nothing else to add.


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Juice20 said it spot on.

BBB shares my sentiments.

I think these people come from the musclemags.


I just can't believe someone would do this to their body. Everything here is wrong: dosing schedule, ancillaries, PCT. Come back about 4-8 weeks after you've finished doing this to yourself for 12 weeks so that everyone can see exactly way usage of these drugs is dangerous and needs to be properly thought out.


These are the people who give aas a bad reputation...Unfortunately most users are not as educated as the few dozen vets on this board...ah well, survival of the fittest.