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deca, sust, eq.

I have deca, sustanon, and eq on hand. Any one have advice on the best possible stack with this gear? Appreciate the input. Thanks.

mail it to drago.

How much of each do you have and what is the milligram per cc on the deca?

give us some background - stats, experience with previous cycles, etc.

I can tell you to dump the deca

give us some background - stats, experience with previous cycles, etc.

I can tell you to dump the deca

I have a virtually unlimited supply due to my proximity to the Mexican border (8Miles). I’m 200# 5’10" approx. 18%B.F.
This would be my third cycle. Messed with enanthate once and sustanon/eq once. Appreciate any input/advice thanks.

Well I wouldn’t consider a stack with eq and deca cause they are too closely related. Use the eq instead of the deca cause it has the same benefits without the negatives associtated with deca.

haha, Merlin. The dreaded double post.

BD, You are going to be told to get your body fat down to around 10-13% before going on your cycle. Get your diet in check before you “mess around” with the juice again. Of course, if you want the hot sauce in your system you could always get some tonic and do a cycle that would help you cut first.

I have no experience, but based on research I would also pick the eq over deca.

I have to disagree with one post though. Drago already has too much gear. Send it to me, not him. Sust and EQ (+ other stuff) is exactly what I am going to use when I decide to do a cycle.

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Warhorse: !

Well if you’re that close to the border of Mexico, why are you ONLY considering Deca, sust, and EQ?? There are plenty more anabolic available down there. I love Deca, it’s the shit. I LOVE not being able to have sex for over a month…I love being so tired I just want to nap all day and not work out…I love waking up in the middle of the night because my heart feels like it’s going to beat out of my freaking chest. So yeah, go with the EQ buddy and save yourself the trouble.

By the way…did you ever mention anything about clomid or Nolvadex??

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Finally someone who tells it like it is.

horse…funniest post ever!

Thanks for the input fellas, had always thought deca was supposed to be really clean with no or few “side effects”. Doesn’t sound so clean from the guys who would know. I appreciate it, I’ll stick with the sust and eq.

haha… mother of god thats some good shit warhorse…

Personally I like Deca over eq. Thats just me though. I havn’t ever experienced the ‘deca dick’ syndrome, or any of the other symptoms the vets talk about. In fact I’m using it right now! -Just always run it with test or include hcg, or both. I feel eq can be just as bad in this department because of its long half life. Pretty much I’ll tell you this: Deca and Eq are good for long strung out cycles,i.e. a builder followed by maintainace or something. if you are planning a 6 or 8 weeker, go with tren or primo instead, The drugs will be gone from your system sooner and you will recover faster. I will mention however that I get pounding headaches while on EQ and that it hurts my head like a SOB when I cough or sneeze.

Warhouse deserves the soldier of the week for that one. funny shit

Thanks guys. Bizzledizzle thanks for being a good sport.

If you want advice you need to post what you think would be a good cycle and then we’ll be happy to give you suggestions.

If you are new to the game look up the “Steroid Newbie Threadizzle.”