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Deca/Sus Cycle Questions

Hey every one, firstly thanks for any advice given.

I am looking to start a cycle of deca and sus. I am 22 years old, 170 pound (if that helps with information)
I am only really looking to do it for one cycle just to get a bit of extra size, I just have a few questions if any one can help me out.

I do not really know how much to take of each, and also i was wondering will I keep the gains I make when I finish the cycle as I do not want to continuly be taking gear. Also will I need to take any thing else with the deca and sus. If any one can point me in the rite direction with the amounts I should take and when and for how long, THANKS in advance.

Read the stickies at the top of the steroids forum. There is one sticky that explains the proper way to ask for cycle advice and there are others that cover the basics. Once you have done your homework and verify if indeed you are a good candidate to use AAS, then the community here will be happy to assist in the fine tuning.

Your first post unfortunately reeks of “1st post with absolutely no due diligence” as far as checking out the expectations of this community and those normal for someone on the cusp of introducing powerful hormones into their body.

Good luck…

thanks, yeh will read the stickies with more detail.