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Deca Suppression/Recovery

Reading some comments on another board re: how long users felt it took them to recover from various cycles. Almost unanimously (and let’s face it’s tough to find a unanimous opinion on just about anything on the juice subject) respondents indicated deca was a mother to recover from (many took many months even with pct).

THESE RECOVERY PROBLEMS WERE EXTENDING WAY BEYOND WHAT ONE WOULD EXPECT AFTER ACCOUNTING FOR THE EXTENDED HALF LIFE OF DECA. I was considering a test deca cycle for my second cycle but now I really question that idea.

What is it that makes Deca so suppressiv,e and why does it take so much longer to recover from (again don’t tell me it’s the lengthy half life because there is obviously more to it than that)?

[quote]scs wrote:
(again don’t tell me it’s the lengthy half life because there is obviously more to it than that)?[/quote]

Why would there have to be more to it than that? Ask people how they feel when they’re getting over NPP. You won’t find the same degree of woe and they’re both nandrolone.

Deca produces and estrogen called progesterone in small quantities. This estrogen is unlikely to give you problems with tits or shrinkage but it will take your body (up to 45 days)to overcome and go back to normal test production. For this reason many people start with deca and use test for the end of their cycle so they dont notice the progesterone side effects. Look up deca on a search of this site to give you more info. I currently have 3 buddies doing a deca/test cycle so if you want addition info i might be able to help aswel.

I agree with your comments about not many people claiming the same thing with npp. However, I think this could largely be attributed to the fact that almost nobody has done npp and probably half of users have used deca. Again I’m talking about people who one after another are talking about recovery problems rangeing commonly from 3 or 4 months to up to a year!

This is certainly not becuase it’s half life is a week or so longer than common test esters. I’m more inclined to believe that progesterone caused suppression is different than the suppression caused by high exogenous test administration. What do you think?

Does anyone know how progesterone suppresses the hpta in particular which component of the hpta axis. Also, isn’t there any ancillary that can be taken to prevent this much as adex is used with test? I’ve heard b-6, proviron, and other things can help but is not as effective at limiting progesterone as anti e’s and serms are at handling estrogen.